S – Top Ten Sundays with Gage

#AtoZChallenge 2018 SBlogging from A-Z

Seven years of Gage posts and I’ve chosen ten of my favorites.  From the highs of first being a mother, to health scares and diagnoses, to watching my boy blossom.

  1. Baby Gage’s Arrival







2. Sundays with Gage – Ventilators, ICU, Medical Mystery and a Miracle

3. Sundays with Gage – An Early Celebration 






4.day1 Sundays with Gage – A Day in the Life of My 3 Year-Old

5. IMG_4305Sundays with Gage – A New Era

6. Sundays with Gage – Autism One

7.IMG_5727Sundays with Gage – Scopes, Stress & a Tip

8.book-adventSundays with Gage – Booklovers Advent Tree (we still do this every year)

9.IMG_1387 (2)Sundays with Gage- A Mother/Son Reading Challenge (I love that we accomplished this together!)

10. gageSundays with Gage – Fly


3 thoughts on “S – Top Ten Sundays with Gage

  1. Kay says:

    I’m so glad you shared this! Loved looking back over Gage’s life and we’ve loved hearing all about what’s up in his world. He’s getting to be so big!

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