Sundays with Gage – Booklovers Advent Tree

Last year Veena posted an advent idea for kids and I made one for Gage and he loved it.  I put this year’s together in about 3-4 hours.


Starting at the top he opens a book everyday, including Christmas starting December 1.  There are small stickers on each one with the number.

Step 1-Spend and hour and a half at the bookstore browsing and then purchasing 25 books OR visit your library and check out 25 special books and do it that way. The kids only care about opening the books and reading them.  The keeping them is secondary.  You could always offer to buy them their favorite one after they’d read them all.

Since I bought these I went with the sales, buy two Little Golden books get one free, etc…Last year I bought too many Christmas books so I tried to only buy a few this time.  I want them to be read all year round.


Step 2-Buy one of those 3 packs of wrapping paper at a discount store and alternate. I did stack these by size so the wrapping went quicker and I could put the number stickers on right away.

Step 3 -Turn the wrapped books so that it resembles a tree.  Place some lights around it and a pretty new ornament on top and you’re done.

There are so many different variations that you can do so have some fun and give it a try using your own ideas. If you’ve done it, please send me the pic or the link to where I can find it 🙂

We spent the last two days at a waterpark, but as soon as we came in this afternoon he went straight here to open his next book. We’re already read Bad Kitty and Zootopia multiple times.  Here he is with his first four, looking like he needs some sleep 🙂







9 thoughts on “Sundays with Gage – Booklovers Advent Tree

  1. Literary Feline (Wendy) says:

    I love this idea! I thought about doing it this year, but the time got away from me (as did the money). Maybe next year . . . I’ve heard you can use books you already own too, which might be the way I go–a mix of new and old.

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