If there is a Book Order graphic that means I am up-to-date with the series.  I’ll be adding thoughts on the series for these.

Dan Brown’s Robert Langdon series

1-Angels & Demons, 2-The DaVinci Code, 3-The Lost Symbol, 4-Inferno, 5-Origin

Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series

1-Killing Floor, 2- Die Trying, 3 – Tripwire, 4 – Running Blind, 5 – Echo Burning, 6 – Without Fail, 7 – Persuador, 8 – The Enemy, 9 – One Shot, 10 – Hard Way, 11 – Bad Luck & Trouble 12 – Nothing to Lose

13 – Gone Tomorrow

14 – 61 Hours

Harlan Coben’s Myron Bolitar books

1- Deal Breaker, 2- Drop Shop, 3- Fade Away, 4- Back Spin, 5- One False Move, 6- The Final Detail, 7- Darkest Fear, 8- Promise Me, 9-Long Lost, 10-Live Wire

Jeffrey Deaver’s Lincoln Rhymes series

1st-The Bone Collector, 2nd- The Coffin Dancer, 3rd- The Empty Chair, 4th- The Stone Monkey, 5th- The Vanished Man, 6th- The Twelfth Card, 7th- The Cold Moon, 8th- The Broken Window 9th- The Burning Wire, 10th-The Kill Room 11-The Skin Collector, 12-The Steel Kiss, 13-The Burial Hour, 14-The Cutting Edge,

Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series

1st- One for the Money, 2- Two for the Dough, 3- Three to Get Deadly, 4- Four to Score, 5- High Five, 6- Hot Six, 7- Seven Up, 8- Hard Eight, 9- Visions of Sugar Plums, 10- To the Nines, 11- Ten Big Ones, 12- Elevan on Top, 13- Twelve Sharp, 14- Plum Lovin’, 15- Lean Mean Thirteen, 16- Plum Lucky, 17- Fearless Fourteen, 18- Plum Spooky, 19- Finger Lickin’ Fifteen

I think I’m done

Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series

1- Outlander, 2- Dragonfly in Amber, 3- Voyager, 4- Drums of Autumn

5. The Fiery Cross

6. A Breath of Snow and Ashes

Robert Galbraith’s Cormoran Strike series

1-The Cuckoo’s Calling, 2-The Silkworm 3-Career of Evil 4-Lethal White

Dorothy Gilman’s Mrs. Pollifax series

1- The Unexpected Mrs. Pollifax

2- The Amazing Mrs. Pollifax

3- The Elusive Mrs. Pollofax, 4- A Palm for Mrs. Pollifax, 5- Mrs. Pollifax on Safari

6- Mrs. Pollifax on the China Station

7- Mrs. Pollifax & the Hong Kong Buddha

8- Mrs. Pollifax & the Golden Traingle, 9- Mrs. Pollifax & the Whirling Dervish

10- Mrs. Pollifax & the Second Thief

11- Mrs. Pollifax Pursued, 12- Mrs. Pollifax, Innocent Tourist,

13- Mrs. Pollifax Unveiled

Sue Grafton’s Kinsey Millhone series

1-A is for Alibi, 2-B is for Burglar, 3- C is for Corpse, 4- D is for Deadbeat  5-E is for Evidence 6-F is for Fugitive, 7- G is for Gumshoe,

Kristan Higgins’ Blue Heron series

1-The Best Man, 2- The Perfect Match, 3-Waiting on You, 4-In Your Dreams, 5-Anything for Youseries done

Greg Iles’s Penn Cage series

1-The Quiet Game, 2-Turning Angel,

3-The Devil’s Punchbowl, 4-Natchez Burning, 5-The Bone Tree, 6-Mississippi Blood

Brenda Joyce’s Deadly series

1st- Deadly Love, 2- Deadly Pleasure, 3- Deadly Affairs, 4- Deadly Desire, 5- Deadly Caress, 6- Deadly Promise, 7- Deadly Illusions, 8- Deadly Kisses, 9-Deadly Vows series done

Lisa Kleypas’s Ravenels series

1-Cold-Hearted Rake, 2-Marrying Winterborne, 3-Devil in Spring, 4-Hello Stranger 5- Devil’s Daughter,

Jojo Moyes’s Me Before You series

1-Me Before You, 2-After You,  3-Still Me

Karen E Olson’s Tatoo Shop mystery series

1-The Missing Ink, 2-Pretty in Ink, 3-Driven to Ink, 4-Ink Flamingos

series done

Les Roberts’ Milan Jacovich mysteries

1st- Pepper Pike, 2- Full Cleveland3- Deep Shaker, 4- Cleveland Connection, 5- Lake Effect, 6- Duke of Cleveland,7- Collision Bend, 8- Cleveland Local

9- Shoot in Cleveland

10- Best-Kept Secret

11- Indian Sign

12- Dutch

13- Irish Sprts Pages

14- King of the Holly Hop

JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series

1. HP & the Philosopher’s Stone, 2. HP & the Chamber of Secrets, 3. HP & the Prisoner of Azkaban, 4. HP & the Goblet of Fire, 5. HP & the Order of the Phoenix, 6. HP & the Half-Blood Prince, 7. HP & the Deathy Hallows  series done

John Sandford’s Prey series

1- Rules of Prey, 2- Shadow Prey, 3- Eyes of Prey, 4- Silent Prey, 5- Winter Prey, 6- Night Prey, 7- Mind Prey, 8- Sudden Prey, 9- Secret Prey, 10- Certain Prey, 11-Easy Prey, 12- Chosen Prey, 13- Mortal Prey, 14- Naken Prey, 15- Hidden Prey, 16- Broken Prey, 17- Invisible Prey, 18- Phantom Prey, 19- Wicked Prey, 20 Storm Prey, 21- Buried Prey, 22-Stolen Prey, 23-Silken Prey, 24-Field of Prey, 25-Gathering Prey, 26-Extreme Prey  27-Golden Prey, 28-Twisted Prey, 29- Neon Prey,

Taylor Stevens’ Jack & Jill series

1 – Liars’ Paradox   2- Liars’ Legacy

Taylor Stevens’ Munroe series

1- The Informationist, 2- The Innocent3- The Doll. 3.5- The Vessel,  4- The Catch

series over

Shirley Tallman’s Sarah Woolson mystery series

1- Murder on Nob Hill, 2- The Russian Hill Murders3- The Cliff House Strangler, 4- Scandal on Rincon Hill

John Verdon’s Dave Gurney series

1-Think of a Number, 2-Shut Your Eyes Tight, 3-Let the Devil Sleep

Kate White’s Bailey Weggins series

1- If Looks Could Kill, 2- A Body To Die For,3- Til Death Do Us Part, 4- Over Her Dead Body, 5- Lethally Blond, 6- So Pretty It Hurts

7-Even if it Kills Her

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