This Week – Snow is here to stay

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It snowed much of last weekend and it was the big snowflake, movie kind of snow.  Just beautiful.  It’s supposed to be another snowy weekend.

Highlights of the Week  We had dinner out with friends, followed by a 4th grade basketball game and then ice cream.  It was fun being back in a gym watching kids play basketball.  I wasn’t too many years older when I played.  IMG_3236  It was Gage’s movie night at school.  I worked the drink table so the kids kept me busy.  The kids are always so excited and it’s fun to see them with siblings and parents.  I also completed my 4 hour manager training for the Ohio primaries at the beginning of March.


Finished This Week  Title: Keep This Toss That: Unclutter Your Life to Save TIme, Money, Space, and Sanity, Author: Jamie Novak (review) IMG_E3283

Currently Reading Liars' Legacy Our Better Angels: Seven Simple Virtues… Morning Meditations: Awaken Your Power …

Listening To Exit Strategy (Nick Mason, #2)  Last week I started the Ruth Bader Ginsberg audio and really liked it, BUT it was too hard to appreciate with short trips around town.  I will be giving it another try when I have some real time on the road.

Received in the Mail Title: Home Truths: A Novel, Author: Susan Lewis

Library Book Sale Finds IMG_3285

Documentaries Watched American Factory poster.jpg

This Weekend  Jason and I will head to the movies tomorrow, but I’m not sure what we’ll see.  Any recommendations?

This Week – A few new challenges

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IMG_3209 (2)

This is the only fun picture I took all week.  As Gage and I were walking back home from the bus stop we found the only snow left on a 40 degree day.  A gross mound of snow and who knows what.  But at least the kid is cute!

Highlight of the Week  Well, the highlight was supposed to be seeing author Marie Benedict, but I got the times wrong and we arrived at the library 20 minutes late.  The door to the library was closed so we couldn’t even sneak in 😦  I refuse to choose another highlight because I’m still bitter.  At least I got to eat at The Cheesecake Factory first, I guess.

New Challenges

I don’t remember how I first found the 1000 Hours Outside blog, but when I did at the end of the year I knew this would be the perfect challenge for Gage.  He was excited about it after I printed out the tracker sheets, but wanted me to do it with him (because I’m not challenging myself enough already, sigh).  So we both have our tracker sheets on the refrigerator and he’s currently beating me by a few hours.  I love this challenge and recommend it for anyone with children.

And although I’m late to the game I’m joining Shelleyrae’s2020 Non-Fiction Challenge at Book’d Out.  I’m signing up for the Non-Fiction Nibbler where I’ll be reading 6 non-fiction titles chosen from 12 categories.  Fun!  It’s not too late to join in.

Ongoing 30 day challenge.


Finished this week Hands Up (reviewThe Complaints (review)

Currently Reading Liars' Legacy Our Better Angels: Seven Simple Virtues… Morning Meditations: Awaken Your Power …Keep This, Toss That: Thousands of Orga…

Currently Listening My Own Words

Puzzles Started  IMG_3224 (2)

Plans for the Weekend  We were so on the fence about taking a quick trip this weekend, but we decided to stay home and have friends over tonight.  Then we’re taking Gage tobogganing on Monday.  We’ll have to see what Sunday brings 🙂

I hooked up with the Sunday Salon this week.

This Week – Back to School

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IMG_E3174 Learning to roller skate with Dad.

Highlights of the week 

IMG_3193 Our book group met and discussed The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek and there was so much to discuss.

We enjoyed Gage’s last few days of winter break. We took him roller skating for only second time.  And then he and I got to spend Monday just palling around shopping and eating and taking walks and it was really nice.

Finished this week The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek by Kim Michele Richardson reviewed it here.

Currently Reading Our Better Angels: Seven Simple Virtues… Liars' Legacy Hands Up

Currently listening  The Complaints

Library Book Sale Finds (There are advantages to being one who sorts the donations.  I get first pick!)  IMG_E3202

Movies watched  Secret in Their Eyes Poster

Plans for the weekend

We have dinner plans with old neighbors so Gage gets spend time with Emi. She’s in 8th grade and both of her older sisters babysat Gage when he was a baby. Time flies!

I’m linking up with the Sunday Salon this week.

This Week (or is it last week?)

I’d like to have these posted on Saturday, but even with me getting up at 6 in the morning it obviously didn’t happen yesterday.

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IMG_3127 On Monday Gage and I tried a local restaurant that had so many choices for him.  We shared this plate of gluten-free fries (so much harder to come by than you think) and then he ordered a hamburger, but he could have had a gluten AND dairy free pizza and any number of other sandwiches.  Can you tell how excited I am about this?

Highlights of the week

Having Gage home from school and Jason taking lots of time off at the end of the year and two days this week.  I don’t remember Jason ever taking this much time off (with breaks to deal with clients as needed).  Lots of being at home as a family is always a good thing.

Gage had a day (6 1/2 hours) at Lego camp.  Followed by a day with 2 different play dates totaling 5 1/2 hours.  That’s after starting the week with a bowling/arcade morning with a group of 6 boys.  I’m not sure how interested he is in going back to school on Tuesday.

Also, I started a new year of challenges.  This month I start getting up at 6 every day.

Could’ve been better

I’ve got no complaints about the start of this decade.  Oh wait!  It’s the 5th and I haven’t finished a book!  It’s probably all that family time I’m so happy about 🙂

Currently reading

Liars' Legacy Hands Up Our Better Angels: Seven Simple Virtues…

Currently listening

The Complaints

Received in the mail

Title: Stay, Author: Catherine Ryan Hyde (a win from Vicki at I’d Rather Be At The Beach)


Movies watched

Self/less DVD Release Date | Redbox, Netflix, iTunes, Amazon

Plans for the rest of weekend

Not sure what we’ll be up to when Gage gets back from Grandma’s house.

What about you?

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This Week – Is It Really September?

This’ll cover the last two weeks…

Fave pic of the week


Highlights of the week…  They didn’t find anything abnormal in Gage’s 72 hour EEG!  IMG_1782He was a trooper and all three of us appreciated the cards and gifts you sent.  It really did help keep his spirits up.  After he was released we went home and packed and hit the road for the Washington DC area where we played tourists, visited and stayed with old friends and attended a wedding.  I’ll be honest, I was cooked by the end of the week, but it was worth it.

This week has been full of meetings- book club, friends board, event walk-through, but the highlight is that we finally ordered carpet for our family room.  The only room in the house we’ll have carpet.

Could’ve been better…  I feel like I could fill up this section with all of the things, but I will abstain this week because of Gage’s EEG.  They want a follow-up so we’ll see what they suggest next, but I’m feeling positive.

Books read for our September book a day challenge…

If you want daily pics of Gage’s books too you’ll need to follow me on Instagram.  I can barely keep up with reading my book and posting it on there!  We did take 4 days off when we traveled.  Book reviews will happen at some point in the future.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum Tooth and Nail by Ian Rankin N or M? by Agatha Christie The Giver by Lois Lowry Animal Farm by George Orwell  Washington Square by Henry James Ask Again, Yes by Mary Beth Keane Devil's Daughter by Lisa Kleypas Strip Jack by Ian Rankin

Plans for the weekend…As much as a quiet weekend appeals to me we have Jason’s company picnic today and then swimming with friends on Sunday.

This Week – Hakuna Matata

Happy Labor Day weekend to all.  Gage checks in to the Cleveland Clinic for 3 nights and 4 days this weekend.  As soon as he’s checked out we head east to visit friends and attend a wedding.  Crazy week.

Fave pic of the week

IMG_1711 (2) After a month of sleeping with my kid, per doctors orders, I can say that I am now looking forward to the 72 hour EEG just so we can get answers and hopefully get back to our own beds!.  Snapped this pic of my two nightly bed partners.  Razzi was on the floor next to the bed.  Kinda cracks me up that he’s got a Thomas pillow case and a train sleep shirt.  Amazingly, he couldn’t really care less about trains these past few years.

Highlights of the week… We saw The Lion King musical downtown this afternoon and it was fabulous.  IMG_1755 I also took Gage to his first garage sale Friday and he was enthralled by what we could get for $1 or $2 🙂  Seriously, he was trying to convince me we needed a $2 chandelier 🙂

I should also mention that I appreciate SO MUCH the effort, big and small, that friends have have made to make Gage’s hospital stay a little better.  Honestly, some of the things you all come up with…a big teary thank you from this mama.

Could’ve been better…I don’t know, all of the stress.  So much to do for the hospital stay, our wedding trip, prepping for the library event I’ll be missing, and about a million other things that need done.

Finished readingMy Soul in Silence Waits by Margaret Guenther loved it, Guardians of Being by Eckhart Tolle loved it, The Cutting Edge by Jeffery Deaver really good

Plans for the weekend…Do you know about the monthly challenge blog that Jason and I started a few years ago?  Well, I’ve taken over this year and for September, my 4th year in a row, I be attempting to read a book a day (minus the 5 days of our trip.  I’m crazy but not that crazy). The last two years Gage has participated.  Here’s our pic of 30 possible reads…IMG_1748 (2)

I intend to keep up to date on the reads on Instagram (stacybuckeye).  I should also note that this pic was 30 minutes before a date with Jason and after 2 bites of ravioli in marinara sauce, this shirt will probably never be worn again.



This Week in 3rd Grade

It’s been two weeks since I posted because last weekend Jason and I went out of town to the Shawshank Reunion Anniversary events.  I posted some pics on FB and IG so I won’t post again, but it was a really fun time.  When we got home I took Gage to a back to school breakfast at the church down the street and then we met friends at the Wizard of Oz musical at a local college.  I’m looking forward to a quieter weekend!

Fave of the week


Highlights of the week…Before Gage started 1st grade I took him on a cruise along the Cuyahoga River and a bit of Lake Erie and told him we should make it a yearly thing.  He’s held me to it and last year and this year we invited Dad and Grandma too.  I leave them alone for 10 minutes and this is what Jason has done to his hair.  The first day of school went well and he’s a fan of his new teachers.

Could’ve been better…I’m not sleeping well.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, Gage will get a 72 hour video EEG in September.  The doctor recommended that I continue sleeping in the same room with him.  So, the last 3+ weeks Gage has moved into our bed and real sleep is elusive.  The first week was fine, but the 3-5 hours of sleep is starting to wear on me.  I’m not 25 anymore!

Finished reading...Pleased to Meet Me: Genes, Germs, and t… (review)

Finished listening...Title: The Silent Patient, Author: Alex Michaelides Title: Clock Dance (B&N Exclusive Edition), Author: Anne Tyler

Recommended kids book of the week…41183557. sx318  Gage and I both loved this pictorial history of how NYC’s Central Park came to be.

Continued reading...My Soul in Silence Waits: Meditations o… It’s my morning devotional book and I’m really liking it.  Anything for You (Blue Heron, #5)

Started listening...The Cutting Edge (Lincoln Rhyme, #14)

On the big screen…Once Upon a Time in Hollywood poster.pngI’m no Quentin Tarantino fan, but this was so different.  I actually thought it was boring some of the time, not something I’ve ever said about a Tarantino film.  Obviously this was Jason’s pick.

On the small screen…This week we received $5 cash in the mail from Nielsen telling us that they were interested in talking to us about becoming a Nielsen family.  Jason and I are still laughing.  Four nights this week for a total of four episodes of Justified on Amazon Prime.  That’s it.  Gage has watched a few episodes on Spongebob and that has been the total of our household TV viewing.  I’m not sure we’re Nielsen material but I appreciate the $5.

Plans for the weekend…We have a few good options for Sunday, but will most likely go with Big Bounce America for Gage.



This Week in Nightmares

Fave Pic

IMG_1336 There weren’t many rides at the fair, but the swings made him happy.

Highlights of the week This was the last full week Gage has at home before he starts 3rd grade.  He’s got Lego camp next week and a few more days and then, poof! School starts.  Last weekend I had the 24 hour read-a-thon and it was a lot of fun.  And the fundraiser for DBSA Solon was a wonderful afternoon at a renovated home in Shaker Heights.  I’m sharing a few photos because it really was hard to believe that people lived here!

We also went to the Cuyahoga County Fair for the first time and I fell in love with pretty much every animal in the rabbit and chicken barn, lol.  I’m a city girl and was amazed at the variety.

Could’ve been better  Well, for the past few weeks Gage has been waking up with nightmares every few nights, completely out of the blue.  And then he woke up and got sick two nights in a row.  So, we headed to a doctor who was lovely, but mentioned sleep seizures as a possibility and ‘as a mother’ would recommend being in the room with him when he sleeps.  And to touch base with her on Monday.  So, sleep is…tricky.  It’s only been two nights so we’ll see.  Prayers are always appreciated.

Finished readingEat Dirt: Why Leaky Gut May Be the Root…Just Who Will You Be? by Maria ShriverElevation by Stephen KingThe Friend Zone by Abby JimenezIndeh by Ethan Hawkeand Sound Bites:Life Lessons By a Boy Who Ha Autism.

Continued reading Pleased to Meet Me: Genes, Germs, and t… as part of a TLC book tour I was supposed to have this review up days ago, but I still have two chapters left that I’ll finish when I take over bed duties from Jason in a bit.

Plans for the weekend As part of house renovations we now have a room ready for Gage to use for Lego City so his #1 goal this weekend is to go and buy all of the necessary tables. As for me, I’d love to go see a movie.  Have you seen a good movie at the theater lately?

This week in wineries

Fave pic of the week

IMG_1009 I didn’t post last weekend because I was at my family ‘girls’ weekend.  We were in Madison, Ohio, only 40 minutes from me, and our rented house was within 10 minutes of at least 4 wineries, probably more but that’s all we managed to visit.  I always appreciate the time and effort from everyone to make this happen every year.  Next year my mom and I are in charge of planning.

Highlights of the week  This week Gage didn’t have camp (next week either) so we picked up Grandma and headed to the President McKinley Library & Museum and Memorial.  It was 55 minutes from home and was a full day affair after we stopped at Aladdin’s for a very late lunch and a quick stop in Books a Million where Gage bought a Lego set and I bought up the board game Labyrinth.  It was a fun day.  Also, Gage was so proud of himself for completing the library Summer Reading Challenge.  We made a special trip to the library so he could get his free book.

Could’ve been better  They have started ripping up our side of the street so it’s 2 more weeks of parking on the cul-de-sac and walking through our neighbor’s yard.  But at least we got front row seats to how it was done.

Finished reading  Airs Above the Ground and listening I Know Who You Are both of which I reviewed here on the blog.

Still reading Eat Dirt: Why Leaky Gut May Be the Root… and Started reading Pleased to Meet Me: Genes, Germs, and t….

On the Small Screen  We wrapped up season 3 of Stranger Things and I finally finished the last season of New Girl.  And we’ve starting watching a few shows a week of Justified.  I love Timothy Olyphant so I’m a fan.

Plans for the weekend  We have a wedding tonight at 5:30 and then there’s this

On the way home from the reception (whatever time that will be) we’ll start listening to a Stephen King Book in the car and then I’ll see if I can make it the rest of the 24.  I’ll post updates in IG.  I’m stacybuckeye if you want to follow. Here’s my stack to choose from IMG_1207.JPG

Anyone else giving the reverse readathon a try?



This Week of no camp

I’ve been absent this week, because Gage had a rare week of no camps so we were able to spend lots of quality time together.  It was a really good week even though the heat has been a bit unbearable the last few days.

Fave pic of the week

IMG_0738 This may be a pic that that only a mom can love, but every time I look at it I crack up.  Gage got a haircut this week and because she offered I told her to spike it up into a mohawk.  Gage doesn’t like gel in his hair so his reaction was priceless.  He proudly showed it off the rest of the day 🙂

Highlights of the week  We did go to the Tall Ship Festival last weekend with my parents.  The ships were cool, but the lines were long and there wasn’t as much for Gage to do as I was led to believe from the promotions.  It was still fun and I have a new favorite shot of dad and son…IMG_0722 (3) .  On Friday we visited the Botanical Garden with Grandma and we spent a very hot few hours there.  It’s one of our favorite places and we hadn’t been in awhile…IMG_0833 (2) It was so hot he had the sand box to himself for 30 minutes (at least it was in the shade) We had a fun play date with an old friend on Tuesday and yesterday Gage and Jason went swimming at another friend’s house (the highlight here is that I got some alone time in the house 🙂 )

Could’ve been better  No real complaints this week.  Even a doctor’s appointment that involved taking blood and a hand x-ray turned out just fine.  It was routine and not a big deal.

Finished reading  I finished Title: Peace Is Every Step : The Path of Mindfulness in Everyday Life, Author: Thich Nhat Hanh and wrote about it here.  Gage and I finished up our months long President studies by finishing Title: Grover Cleveland, Again!: A Treasury of American Presidents, Author: Ken Burns, a great book for kids.  Well, okay, we both learned a lot 🙂

Still reading  Airs Above the Ground Eat Dirt: Why Leaky Gut May Be the Root… and started listening to I Know Who You Are

Watching on the small screen We finished season 4 of Game of Thrones which is where I started watching originally and started the third season of Stranger Things last night.

Plans for the weekend  The weekend’s almost over, but Jason took Gage to play tennis.  This morning Gage said, “Do I have to go?  I don’t see the point of it.  It’s just hitting a little ball.” LOL.  As you can see he did have to go and Jason just texted me to tell me he did great.

So what did you do this week to escape the heat?