30 books in 30 days

Even though I am currently taking care of two houses , two cats, one second grader, and one husband, and whoever I can get to come work on our house, Heather’s interest pushed me from my hesitation.  For the third September in a row, Gage and I will be reading a book a day.  I’ll probably update here weekly, but here’s my first post on my 30 day challenge blog…

It’s here! The first day of my 30 books in 30 days reading challenge!  We had a lazy morning after spending all day yesterday at Cedar Point, but both G and I got our books done early. For him, having a wide variety of books that are just under his reading abilities is going to be important.  He does not want to have to work too hard, lol.

G chose the latest Pete the Cat, The Petes Go Marching and I enjoyed hearing him sing this book to his dad this morning 🙂

I’ll admit that I started How To Eat by Thich Nhat Hanh in the spring, but didn’t make it too far, so I decided to start again this morning when I couldn’t sleep at 2 am.  This is part of his mindfulness series, of which I’m a huge fan.  Hanh is a Buddist monk and his books expand the way I see the world and his books will always be on my to-read list.  This is a slight 125 page book on not only how to eat, but how to do so with the meaning.  Mindfulness is about being present in all that you do, so by bringing that to your food, you can change your life for the better.  This is not a diet book, but he does touch upon that we should only be putting the healthiest of foods in our body and that we should not be eating our worries, fear, or anger.  I’ll leave you with a few quotes.

“Enjoy your meal. Stop thinking and be here fully, body and mind.” page 32

“With each meal, we make choices that help or harm the planet.” page 59

“If we feel empty, we don’t need to go to the refrigerator to take things out to eat.  When you eat like that it’s because there is a feeling of emptiness, loneliness, or depression inside.  The moments of our daily lives can be filled with joy and meaningful activities.  Our community includes our family and friends and our connection to other living beings.  They are there to help us get out of these feelings.  We are not alone.  Sharing a meal together is not just to sustain our bodies and celebrate life’s wonders, but also to experience freedom, joy, and the happiness of being in a harmonious community during the whole time of eating.”  page 77

“May we find ways to live more simply in order to have more time and energy to change the system of injustice that exists in the world.”  page 113

Heather (Gofita’s Pages) is joining us this year, YAY!  Here’s her post from yesterday.  So happy to have her aboard.