J – Top Ten Dream Jobs

Blogging From A-Z

  1. Luxury Bed Tester – Look here.   It’s really a thing!
  2. Chocolate Taster That Would Not Cause Weight Gain – Nestle has a testing facility 5 minutes from our house so this is a possibility!
  3. Cleveland Tour Guide – maybe you could hire me to show you around?
  4. Gondolier – This would mean a move to Venice. I’m in!
  5. YouTuber – Now all I need is to find something I’m willing to do that people want to watch 🙂
  6. Travel Guide Writer – Send me anywhere!
  7. Fortune Cookie Writer. I could do this!
  8. Philanthropist – Yes, please.
  9. Board Game Designer – So fun.
  10. Bookstore/Wine Bar Owner – Two loves for the price of one!

Fess up. What your dream job?