Monday Movie Meme – the Oscars

Feature Presentation…MONDAY MOVIE MEME (for other Oscar posts check out the Bumbles)
This week’s movie topic is all about Oscar…Share on your blog your thoughts about Oscar
I love the Oscars (and the Golden Globes).  I love watching the beautiful Hollywood people arrive in their Sunday best the most.  It’s a girl thing.  Last night there were a few offbeat dresses that I loved.Fashion at the Oscars: Jennifer Lopez in Giorgio Armani Prive & Sarah Jessia Parker in Chanel Haute Couture
I also love the acceptance speeches. Last night Sandra Bullock and Jeff Bridges gave moving tributes to their parents.  Then there was this uncomfortable moment.   I love the spontaneity of the moment and I appreciated that there was no speech reading last night.
I sometimes get excited about the hosts and last night Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin did not disappoint.  I thought they were fun.  Of course, Steve Martin makes me smile most of the time.
I thought last night’s show was the best I’d seen in a while.  I liked the way they honored the Best Actor/Actress nominees right from the opening of the show and I loved the John Hughes tribute.
I don’t always think the winners are the most deserving.  When I posted my 5 picks for movies that everyone loved and I hated, 3 of them were Best Picture winners.  And I don’t think they always give the Oscar to the best actor or actress either.  Sometimes, if a respected actor or actress has been doing good work for a while, they will get the Oscar even if they were not the best that year.  And no I’m not naming names!
So what about you?  How do you feel about the Oscars?  Did you have a favorite dress from last night? 

21 thoughts on “Monday Movie Meme – the Oscars

  1. Heather says:

    One day when I actually can watch the oscars live-ish on my own TV then I’ll probably see them again, but til then I’ll just have to rely on my trusty internet and computer!

    I’m glad this year’s was a good one. Maybe that means they’re making more of an effort. Great review of this one!

    • stacybuckeye says:

      I love to see the dresses but there are some years that I just don’t care who wins and I’ll read most of the time.

  2. rhapsodyinbooks says:

    I thought SJP’s eyeballs looked like she was possessed by an alien being. I liked JLo’s dress too. I liked Sandra Bullock and Tina Fey from the neck down – what was up with Tina’s hair and Sandra’s lipstick?

    It was fun, but not nearly enough outre moments. The most was the one you linked to – how bizarre!

    • stacybuckeye says:

      Sandra’s lipstick was pretty bad. I don’t remember Tina’s hair, I was just happy to see her in a dress that made her look good 🙂

  3. Trisha says:

    I love films, and hence Oscars are rather obligatory, but I completely agree that merit is not the deciding factor in winners (which is sad)! I did enjoy watching last night though.

    • stacybuckeye says:

      It’s too bad when a deserving actor doesn’t win because an older more established actor is recognized.

  4. The Gal Herself says:

    I liked Meryl Streep’s dress best. I think because she looked so tailored and terrific. (Sometimes she dresses in ways that would slay her Devil Wears Prada character!)

    You’re right — the show was very entertaining this year. Glad you mentioned the opening and the John Hughes tribute, too. We’re tracking!

  5. Alice Teh says:

    I share that love too, Stacy, but I must say I totally missed it on TV. I read about it this morning on the papers and caught a glimpse of it on Amazon’s blog.

    I am thrilled that Kathryn Bigelow’s THE HURT LOCKER won. 😀

  6. Bumbles says:

    I’m with Rhapsody – Sandra’s lipstick was out of control – wrong color. I personally feel that Penelope Cruz is just stunning. And that SJP is not attractive in HD, regardless of how distracting the dress.

    That crazy lady who interrupted that poor guy was baffling. How did she get up there? He was in the middle of explaining his once in a lifetime dream and just plowed him over – as if to say, it isn’t about YOU. Which I’m sure he would have gotten to the woman his doc was about – but gimme a break!

    • stacybuckeye says:

      I felt really bad for the guy. The biggest moment of his life and he has to deal with a disgruntled crazy woman?!

  7. Wrighty says:

    I flipped back and forth throughout the night. I like to see some of it but the highlights are on for weeks afterwords so you don’t miss much if you don’t watch it live. I love Sandra Bullock and she looked terrific but I noticed the lipstick too! Too pink! Although all of the women look gorgeous but I don’t always get the high fashion like Jennifer Lopez’s dress. I knew it cost a fortune but it wasn’t for me. I thought Cameron Diaz, Penelope Cruz and Meryl Strep were just a few who looked beautiful.

    I missed the part where the crazy lady interrupted but I saw that the man who won was interviewed on another show and they gave him a chance to make his speech again.

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