War, Peace, and Loss

So, Max wasn’t as thrilled with the reading this week.  There was some war and a duel, but he had issues when a  mom died before she got to know her child.  See  Max doesn’t even know if his mom is still alive or where she is.  He thought the story was good, but that it needed more battles.  Of course, Max is a boy so that is to be expected.

Molly and I read the first two parts of Volume II.  We’re a little slow this week because Molly lost her grandmother and I refused to take this huge thing on vacation.  But, even though it was only 120 pages a lot happened.  I’m just going to cover my four people and you can check out Molly’s post as she covers the rest of the story with her four peeps.

Prince Andrei – Andrei was presumed dead, but did finally return home just in time for his wife’s labor.  She dies while giving birth to a son and that on top of his dislike of the army lead him on a downward spiral that isn’t completely evident until his friend Pierre comes to visit.  Andrei is depressed and he and Pierre argued purpose and philosophy until we see a glimmer at the end that maybe Andrei is not completely lost, “The meeting with Pierre marked an epoch for Prince Andrei, from which began what, while outwardly the same, was in his inner world a new life.”  He took a job working with his father in the Russian militia. What he lost – a wife and position in the army

Vaska Denisov – I wouldn’t call Denisov a major player, he’s more of a good friend to the big guys.  He travels home with Nikolai and while there he falls for 15-year-old Natasha and asks her to marry him.  She says no and so he leaves.  We next see him when he and Rostov are back on the battlefield and I loved this quote from the book, “(Denisov) lived in luxury, because the soldiers of his squadron loved him.”  And because he also loved them he does something heroic, gets himself court marshalled and then shot in the leg.  We leave him in the hospital where he has become obsessed with his case. What he lost – Good will of superiors and good health

Princess Maria – She is relieved when Andrei returns home because she had never quite given up hope.  She becomes a mother of sorts to the baby when Liza dies and she also fills her days helping spiritual wanderers as much as she can.  She is concerned about Andrei and begs Pierre to make him travel, but Pierre leaves Andrei home.  Because her father is now working for the Russian militia she is able to have more freedom.  What she lost – A beloved sister-in-law

Natasha – Only 15 and she seems to be a bit of a boy-crazy flirt.  She enjoys the attention of Denisov, but had no thoughts of accepting his marriage proposal.  What she lost – A potential husband

I’ve enjoyed this week’s reading more than the first two and it was action packed.  Head on over to Molly’s and see what trouble Pierre and Nikolai have gotten themselves into.