Quiz with the Stars

This week’s quiz topic is or may become obvious,  but I won’t spoil the fun.

No Googling and no copying off other commenters.  Your first answer is the one accepted.  Each question worth 10.25 points.

Last week’s Irish Actor’s resultsLeaderboard after 2 weeks.  Don’t forget that you don’t have to be the leader to win a prize.  And the prizes will be coming all the way from France in May 🙂

1. Buzz Aldrin wrote the book Magnificent Desolation.  What’s Aldrin’s claim to fame?  2nd man to walk on the moon

2. This colorful Cincinnati Bengals star wrote a book about what football has meant to his life.  Chad Ochocinco

3. This sexy beach gal and pop culture personality has penned a couple of novels.  Pamela Anderson

4. Shannen Doherty has a book out this year called Badass.  What 5 numbers made her famous?  90210

5. It’s hard being a single mom of 8.  This mom already has three books under her belt.  Kate Gosselin

6. This host with the most has written a book about staying sane in Hollywood.  Tom Bergeron

7. This judge is a stickler and doesn’t mind telling it how it is.  Oh, and he’s written a book about his life subtitled, From Barrow Boy to BallroomLen Goodman

8. So what do all these authors have in common?  Currently on Dancing With the Stars