Color Scattergories Quiz Results

Thanks to all of you who played Color Scattergories!  To score points you had to be the only one to name that title.  10 points per unique title.  I have decided to offer bonus points this week.  I’m giving 5 EXTRA points for 7 titles that had 2 colors in the title.  Here are the overachievers…

The Color of Water: A Black Man’s Tribute to His White Mother (McBride) – Molly

Violets are Blue (Patterson) – Heather

A Yellow Raft in Blue Water (Dorris) – Heather

Black Swan Green (Mitchell) – Jackie

Riders of the Purple Sage (Grey) – Linda B

Black Rose (Roberts) – Calila

Seduction of the Crimson Rose (Willig) – Nise

And here are the other uniques titles.  There was less overlap than I thought there’d be.

Red Light Wives (Monroe) – Em,  Ravishing in Red (Hunter) – Calila,  The Man with the Red Tatoo (Benson) – Carol,  Woman in Red (Goudge) – Nise,  Careless in Red (George) – Kathy,  Red Sox Rule (Holley) – Molly,  Red Sky at Morning (Bradford) – Linda B,  The Red Pony (Steinbeck) – JoAnn,  My Hands Came Away Red (McKay) – Hannah,  The Red Heart (Thom) – Susan,  Red Dog Rising (Schettler) – Bermudaonion

Gathering Blue (Lowry) – Staci,  Blue Diablo (Aguirre) – Calila,  Blue Like Jazz (Miller) – Carol,  The Blue Zone (Gross) – Nise,  The Deep Blue Good-by (MacDonald) – Kathy,  Blue Shoe (Lamott) – Molly,  The Blue Flower (Fitzgerald) – Jackie,  The Blue Star (early) – Linda B,  Blue Latitudes (Horwitz) – JoAnn,  The Blue Parakeet (McKnight) – Hannah,  Island of the Blue Dolphins (O’Dell) – Susan,  Blue Notebook (Levine) – Bermudaonion

Black Ship (Dunn) – Candice, Bitter is the New Black (Lancaster) – Jenners, Black Coffee (Price) – Em,  The Black Moth (Heyer) – Calila, A Black Tie Affair (Bodine) – Carol,  Black Olives (Dudman) – Nise,  Black Cauldron (Alexandra) – Heather,  The Black Flower (Bahr) – Linda B,  Black Like Me (Griffin) – JoAnn,  Black Dogs (McEwan) – Susan,  Mennonite in a Little Black Dress (Janzen) – Bermudaonion

Woman in White (Collins) – Stephanie D,  A Heart So White (Maras) – Em,  Vision in White (Roberts) – Calila,  The Devil in the White City (Larson) – Carol,  Hypocrite in a Poufy White Dress (Gilman) – Molly,  White Fang (London) – Linda B, White Picket Fences(Meissner) – Hannah,  White Horses (Hoffman) – Susan, White Cat (Black) – Debbie

Green Rider (Britain) – Carol,  Jewel of Gresham Green (Blackwell) – Nise,  Shamus in the Green Room (Kandel) – Hannah,  Green Darkness (Seton) – Susan, Green (Dekker) – Debbie,  Pretty Mouth and Green My Eyes (Salinger) – Candice (short story, 5 points)

Good as Gold (Heller) – Em,  Gold (Rhodes) – Jackie,  Five Golden Rings (Michaels) – Calila,  The Golden Tulip (Laker) – Linda B,  The Gold Coast (DeMille) – Susan,  Golden Compass (Pullman) – Debbie

The Yellow Wallpaper (Gilman) Jackie, The Yellow Star (Deedy) – Linda B, Yellow-Lighted Bookshop (Buzbee) – Hannah,  The Yellow House (Falvey) – Bermudaonion

Wearing Purple (Alexander) – Em,  A Purple Place for Dying (MacDonald) – Kathy,  The Purple Emperor (Brennan) – Heather,  Purple Hibiscus (Adiche) – Candice

Rose Matter (King) – Em,  The Name of the Rose (Eco) – Hannah,  Rose Hill (Grandstaff) – Debbie

Mr. Brown Can Moo…Can you? (Dr. Seuss) – Jenners,  Encyclopedia Brown: Boy Detective (Sobol) – Molly,  Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? (Martin) – Heather

Lessons from a Scarlet Lady (Wildes) – Calila,  The Scarlet Thread (Rivers) – Heather,  Scarlett (Ripley) – Jackie

Five Quarters of the Orange (Harris) – Heather,  Oranges are Not the Only Fruit (Winterson) – Jackie, Blood Orange (Campbell) – Debbie

Princess in Pink (Cabot) – Candice,  Nightmare in Pink (MacDonald) – Kathy,  Silver Swan (Black) – JoAnn,  Silversword (Whitney) Susan,  Devil in Amber (Gatiss) – Carol,  The Amber Photograph (Stokes) – Hannah

The Sound of Turquiose (Gregory) – Jackie,  Violet Dawn (Collins) – Nise,  The Picture of Dorian Gray (Wilde) – Jenners,  A Tan & Sandy Silence (MacDonald) – Em,  Ice Cream War (Boyd) – Jackie,  Copper Beech (Binchy) – Molly,  Emerald Garden (Kane) – Jackie,  Midnight Bayou (Roberts) Calila,  Deception of the Emerald Ring (Willig) – Nise,  Plum Lucky (Evanovich) – Em,  The Book of Peach (Stokes) – Hannah,  Under the Lilacs (Alcott) – Linda B,  The Stream & the Sapphire (Levertov) – Hannah,  Chocolat (Harris) – Debbie,  American Rust (Grandstaff) – Debbie,  Ash (Lo) – Debbie,  Vermilion (Whitney) – Susan

So what are the point totals?  Check here to see the results of week 1.