Lake Magic, by Kimberly Fisk

Cover ImageFinished 3-1-10, rating 4/5, romance, pub. 2010

“I don’t need to look at any contract.  I am the sole owner of Blue Sky Air.”

He muttered something under his breath, and Jenny had the sinking feeling she should be glad she hadn’t  been able to understand what he’d said.  “You’re exactly like Steven described.”

“Excuse me?”

“Just like Steven said.  All package, no product.”

For a moment she couldn’t breathe.

He was lying.  Steven would never have said anything like that about her.

Chapter One

Jenny was trying to run the fledgling business that she had started with her fiance before he had died nine months before.  Jenny is not the black sheep of the family, but she is the youngest sibling and the one everyone protects from harm.  Jared blows into town and announces that he is a partner in the Blue Sky Air charter business and he would like Jenny to buy him out.  Only Jenny can’t pay him because the business isn’t making any money.  So, Jared moves in with her and helps her get the business in order, all the while waiting for the money that will give him the freedom he craves.

This is a sweet romance with lots of family drama.  I loved Jenny’s family and the way they all came together and loved each other even if they didn’t always get along.  Jenny’s sister and nephew are important characters in the story and Jared himself is a great hero.  The author does a wonderful job of really digging into Jared’s history and psyche. 

I really enjoyed this one, but I wish that Jenny and Jared could have been a little less physically perfect.  This is what Jared though about Jenny, “She’d look completely at home frolicking around Hugh Hefner’s mansion in a bunny suit.”  His nickname for her was Bunny.  As for Jared, “he was one of those men who always looked good, whether they’d gotten off a motorcycle, out of the shower, or out of bed,”  and so on.  For me, their perfection made them less interesting.  A flaw or two can make a character endearing, but being reminded the Jenny was drop dead gorgeous every time Jared called her Bunny was a bit much for me.  Maybe I’m just jealous 🙂

I received this from the Library Thing Early Reviewer Program.