War & Peace & Moscow



Max was back to reading this week in his favorite spot.  He could keep an eye on the street and read the book too.  

This was an interesting week since it was primarily about Moscow preparing for the French invasion.  Of my four characters only two them showed up this week, so I am also going to include a few quotes from the book so you can get a feel for the wonderful writing. 

The forces of two-and-ten European nations burst into Russia.  The Russian army and populace retreat, avoiding a confrontation as far as Smolensk, and from Smolensk to Borodino.  The French army, with an ever-increasing force of momentum, races on to Moscow, the goal of its movement.  The force of its momentum increases as it nears its goal, just as the velocity of a falling body increases as it nears the earth.  Behind are thousands of miles of famished, hostile country; ahead are a few dozen miles separating it from its goal.  Every soldier of Napoleon’s army feels that, and the invasion pushes on of itself, by the mere force of its momentum. (page 824) 

Prince Andrei was presumed dead AGAIN!  As the wounded are brought to Moscow we find out that he is one of them and that the doctors have little hope of him living.  As luck would have it he is evacuated from Moscow with the Rostov family and when Natasha found him the connection between the two was renewed.  The doctors still don’t believe he’ll recover and seem to be trying to help him stay ill. 

Natasha grew up a little this week.  She successfully took over the packing of their house for evacuation and she opened her heart to the wounded men by telling them they could stay in the Rostov home.  And then she begged her father to let the wounded travel with them after her mother had ordered otherwise… 

“The eggs…the eggs are teaching the hen…” the count said through happy tears.”  (Count Rostov expresses how proud he is of her) 

Before discovering Andrei in their convoy she had a chance encounter with Pierre that led him to wax poetic.  Now that Andrei is back in the picture it’s hard to see where that might lead.  I liked Natasha more this week.  She is still self-involved, but she is coming into her own and has many attractive qualities. 

So Moscow has been left to the  French but Pierre is still there.  Head on over to Molly’s to see what she has to say.  She’s covering Pierre and he was a busy boy this week.  We’re only a few weeks away from the end and I’m looking forward to seeing what becomes of everyone.