The Shining, by Stephen King

The Shining by Stephen King: CD Audiobook CoverFinished audio 3-24-10, rating 4/5, horror, pub. 1977

Jack and Wendy take their son to the Overlook Hotel for the winter.  They are the caretakers, and only inhabitants, of this sprawling hotel set in the Rocky Mountains and they are completely cut off from the rest of the world as the snow strands them there.  The hotel has a colorful past and present and the ‘ghosts’ in the Overlook want little Danny because he has the shine and they drive Jack insane to get to Danny.  Can the love of a mother save her son or will Danny fall victim to the evil that surrounds him? 

I don’t know how I made it to age 38 without reading this or seeing the movie.  As a matter of fact I knew next to nothing about it except for the clip of crazy Jack Nicholson that most of us have seen at one time or another.  I have to admit that even with that picture in my head that is not how I saw the dad in this book.  Guess I’ll have to watch the movie now.

I liked this one.  It was suspenseful and I was even surprised at the end.  Stephen King knows how to tell a good story and this one was very good.

I checked this audio book out from the library and it was skillfully read by actor Campbell Scott.