Halloween with Gage

I’ve never really gotten into Halloween much.  Except for the candy.  In high school my friends and I dressed up as a 3 Musketeers candy bar one year.  See, candy.  Gage is too young to appreciate the candy so we were going to skip it this year, but as Halloween approached I started feeling like a holiday grinch.

On Thursday night we went down to my parents house for their trick or treating and Superman went to three whole houses before heading back to my parents house to help pass out candy. (It was cold!) He had so much fun watching all of the characters come up and talk to him. They must have had 100 kids come by.  Here he is with his zombie cousin, Lucy.

Yesterday Gage donned his superhero cape once again for My Gym’s Halloween party where he flew around spreading cuteness.

Tomorrow night Superman will trick or treat in our neighborhood before retiring.  Hopefully it will be warm enough for more than three houses and hopefully he’ll get lots of good candy.