Sundays with Gage- When Organic Matters

I read this post by Constance Marie when we were starting to plan for Gage’s arrival and wanted to do as much organically as possible.  The no VOC paint was the easiest thing to do.  It dried fast and there were not fumes.  I also became convinced that an organic crib was the way to go, but when I started researching them they were expensive.  Jason and I went back and forth on whether to invest in an Amish organic crib and in the end we bought it.  Kids Collection uses organic wood and stain (if you pay more) so that no chemicals will come near your baby when they sleep. Or in Gage’s case, come near his teeth!  This is what Gage works on when mom and dad are sleeping.

 Do you see those teeth marks?!

I also signed up for Dewey’s 24 Hour Read-a-Thon next weekend. I’ve asked my parents to come up and help with Gage for the weekend.  I’d like to see if I can make it the whole 24 hours.  As a newish mom I can get by on a lot less sleep now, but I know I’ll miss that afternoon nap!  If you haven’t already signed up you should. Here’s the link.  I’m sure some of that time will be spent reading to Gage so that he can participate too 🙂