Old posts and Bon Jovi *with giveaway

Is anyone else surprised at the old posts that get hits day after day?  I don’t know exactly how the search engine searches work, but I get at least 25 hits a day on my Italy posts from 2008, with generic searches like Rome, Venice, and parking.  The posts are just photos.  Feel free to check them out. Rome, Venice, Parking in Rome.  I think it’s interesting that after all these years and all the views no one has ever left a comment.

In 2009 I read Second Son by Charles Sailor because a friend put the book in my hand and told me I had to read it.  I did and posted my review here.  I didn’t realize at the time how little is written about the book and its author and the dedicated and loyal fan base it has.  You can see that comments have been left on the post as current this month.  And I receive emails with questions from people about book every few months.  I can never answer them because my sum total of knowledge was in that review and in the comments.  But I did receive an email from Sydney, Sailor’s daughter, telling me you can now get Second Son on Amazon and that there would finally be a second book coming out in October or November, The Man Who Rode the Tiger.  And there is a page on Facebook that Sydney has started to keep all fans updated.

As for the post that gets the most hits for whatever reason, that would be my 5000 piece puzzle of Florence I posted about in 2008.  The post is here.  I swear that post gets at least  few hits a day-today it’s had 6!  I don’t know how long it will be before I have the time for another puzzle.

The post announcing my pregnancy has been the one with the most comments.  I was overwhelmed by all of the good wishes.

So, do you have old posts that continue to generate interest or comments?


In honor of all of the Italy hits I get I am offering one new copy of Four Season in Rome by Anthony Doerr, a memoir.  I loved this book (my review here) and if you love Italy or great writing you will too.  Here’s the B&N link.

Just leave me a comment telling me you’d like to win.  I’ll draw a winner October 19.

Birthday Photo

Let me start by saying that I am not a stalker.  I wasn’t even a huge Bon Jovi fan when one of my best friend’s dad got us VIP & backstage passes to the Slippery When Wet tour in 1987.  Not a stalker you say?  Isn’t that me draping myself on an unhappy Jon?  Yes, yes that’s me and I have no excuse. 

He was sick that day so in all of the pictures taken he didn’t look all that happy in any of them (and no, I don’t think it was me!). 

This photo is so embarrassing, but I’m putting it out here for you.  I used to have about 20 different shots of this 10 minutes in time, but I kept giving them away to friends and this is the only one I have left!

I also got to meet the group Cinderella and have a much more flattering photo, but that’s no fun.  I know know the photo is a little dark, I’ll see if Jason can fix it later.