My 40 Bucket List

It’s my last day in my 30’s and since I’m posting a quiz on my birthday tomorrow I’m posting my bucket list today.  These are things I’d like to do before I die and I figure at 40 I’ve got at least 40 good years to accomplish them.  Plenty of time.  Maybe I’ll find a place on the blog to keep track of it.

1. Write and publish a novel.

2. Open my own bookstore.

3. Spend a night in an English castle.

4. Visit Ireland.

5. Meet a US president. (Jimmy Carter came to Cleveland last year for a book signing but couldn’t do it because of a health scare.  So close!)

6. Learn to start a fire without matches. (this probably comes from watching too many seasons of Survivor)

7. Learn to play the piano.

8. Raise a happy and successful son.

9. Celebrate my 50th anniversary. (13 in)

10. Make exercise a daily priority. (never has been but I need to start taking care of my health)

11. Get back to my wedding weight, just once.

12. Try a vegetarian diet for a year.

13. Drive across country.

14. Visit all 50 states.

15. Stay in an overnight car on a train trip.

16. Fly first class.

17. Take Gage to Italy.

18. Ride a boat down the Mississippi River.

19. Trace ancestry to when all branches entered the US.  (we’ve been here a long time so this will take many more years of research)

20. Spend a week touring Napa Valley.

21. Live somewhere warm year round. (As a midwestern girl I love my seasons but I’d like to see if I’m missing anything :))

22. Volunteer on a political campaign.

23. Sit on a jury.

24. Buy only American for 1 year.

25. Have a library with wall-to-wall built-in bookcases.

26. Write and mail 1000 letters. These can include cards if I include a personal note.

27. Be an extra in a movie.

28. Watch a play from backstage.

29. Go skiing.

30. Attend a murder mystery dinner.

31. Volunteer weekly.

32. Read all the books I own.  (I’d like to have no TBR pile just once.  I can give away books to reach this goal)

33. Start my own book club.

34. See all 4 tennis majors. (2 down, Wimbledon & Australian Open to go)

35. Give blood.

36. Sleep under the stars.

37. Have a hammock.

38. Fire a gun.

39. Make a daily goal list and use it.

40. Do a random act of kindness every day. (and keep a journal for it)

Birthday Photo

Jason and I have attended the US Open a few times.  This was in 2005.

I’m not a tennis player but Jason is very good.  I like to watch.  Rafa Nadal is my current favorite.







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