Sundays with Gage – An early celebration

A few months ago Jason and I stayed at The Inn in Dresden for a night.  Since it was only 30 minutes from my parent’s house we had babysitters!  This is was Dave Longaberger’s old house (the man who started Longaberger baskets) and it has 10 rooms and 10,000 sq.ft. of deck space.  Yes, 10,000 sq.ft of outdoor space. The house itself is so charming with lots of great rooms and indoor space and the food is excellent.  If you like B&B’s I recommend this one, here’s the link to the site.

While we were there in August we asked to see all of the rooms and realized that the inn would be perfect for a joint birthday celebration.  So, we booked the whole place and invited family and a few friends to come and party the day and night away with us.  We had guests from Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan in addition to the Ohioans.  We had 36 people plus Gage who ate cake, enjoyed a dinner from the grill, played games, and drank.  And 25 people spent the night and enjoyed yummy breakfast before heading home.

Gage and I got way too many gifts, but we love every one of them!  Jason booked me a day at the spa on my birthday and gave me signed first editions of  Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and Outlander.  Isn’t he wonderful?  My birthday is still a few days away and Gage’s isn’t for over a week, but it was the only weekend we could rent the whole place and we took it.  I am grateful that so many people could come and spend time with us.  I am tired , but happy and refreshed after such a perfect weekend.

I’d like to say we have lots of great photos, but we don’t.  Here is the most important one, Gage with his Elmo cake (and the little dairy free cake that I made that he could eat).  My cousin, Amy, made the cake, isn’t it fantastic?








And one with his mama this morning.