Challenges *with giveaway

When I join a challenge I plan to finish it.  Last week I mentioned that my dad had a stubborn streak and I think that plays a part for me.  I have 5 books left over from a 2010 challenge, plus a few other challenges to finish this year and I’m determined to do it.  I need your help with two challenges.

I signed up to read, review and give away 12 books this year and I’m offering up the 3 books I have left to finish the challenge.  Skinny Legs & All by Tom Robbins (trade paperback), Emma by Jane Austen (trade paperback), Emerald Dreams by Carolyn Bourne (hardcover)and they have all been read one time by me.

I also need your help to finish the States challenge.  This is the 3rd year I’ve tried this one and I’d like to check it off this year.

Please recommend a book from the blank states for me and the shorter the better 🙂  Here’s the challenge page for the 21 states I have left.


Tell me which book or books you’d like to win.  I’ll give you an extra entry for every book you recommend in the States challenge above. 

I’ll choose winners on October 19th.




Birthday Photo

I grew up surrounded by family and we spent a lot of time together.  My cousin Amy and I put on lots of “shows” that I’m sure everyone just loved 😉  That’s me on the left and my cousin Sarah between us.  Amy was actually a good dancer.  I took two years of something called acro and remained terrible. 

Amy and I did not go to the same school but we were roommates at Ohio State and maid/matron of honor at each other’s weddings

Maybe I was in 5th grade or so here?  I really don’t know.





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