Book Problem, Year 4

Every May for the past few years I’ve stacked up all of of my unread books (always the same way) and taken a picture to share with you all.  In May 2008 my stack looked like this. My post lamenting my problem in May 2009 is here. Last year’s picture is here with its 407 books plus those 5 box tops I did not count.

So, when I recreated the stacks this year I was happy to discover that I’d read 32.  I think that’s pretty good considering how my reading time has suffered this past year. I gave away or will give away 24 more.  I even took out a whole box of books from the bottom and have been giving them away this year.  This was what it looked like with all of those books gone.

So, I was feeling good.  Until I added in the books I bought or received this year, which was 104.

So, the grand total of unread books, when I add in the 149 from the boxes that I didn’t include last year is…


To get to this number I pulled out 15 old titles that I know I will never read and will be giving them away on June 1st, so come back for that.

So, c’mon, fess up.  How many books do you have sitting around waiting to be read?