Sundays with Gage- First Mother’s Day edition

I have been blessed with the most wonderful mother ever.  I always thought she was great, even during those adolescent years when your parents can’t seem to do anything right.  She is patient and kind, understanding and forgiving, a peacemaker.  I always knew that there was no way I could be the mother that she was and is.  Thankfully, she’s a big part of Gage’s life, so he gets to benefit from her awesomeness too.

Motherhood is hard.  The week I was in the hospital to have Gage was difficult for me, but wasn’t easy on anyone.  My Mom took that week off work and the next to help at home as I recovered from the c-section.  Couldn’t have done it without her.  Then when Gage got sick she stayed that week and the next after he was home and, again, couldn’t have done it without her.  I was a mess that week after his hospital stay and she let me cry and break down and I never had to worry that I was passing that stress on to Gage.  Grandma saved the day.

I will never be the mother that she is, but I can try.  I will fail, but I know that she will be proud of me anyway.  Love you. Mom.