Sundays with Gage- Can I have some church with those teeth?

Today we took Gage to church for the first time.  It would also be the first time we’ve left him alone with anyone but my parents and I was nervous.  Not that he’d be neglected, but that he’d cry the whole time.  The reason we’ve waited so long to do this is because for the first 6 months he’d been a fussy baby, but the medication for his acid reflux has helped him immensely and we were ready to take the plunge.

The church we attend, Parkside, is a great church.  There are 3 morning services with about 2000 regular attendees.  It also houses a very small cafe and bookshop.  For such a large place it does feel like a community.  With its size also comes some perks.  Like lots of nurseries.  There is one for 0-6 and one for 7-12 month olds.  Since Gage will be turning 7 months old this week we decided to go with the 7-12 nursery.

We managed to keep him awake so that when we delivered him he was snoozing away his morning nap.  We took our pick up card and walked around before entering the service.  We were ‘by ourselves’ with perfect strangers looking after our kid.  Weird feeling.  Well, an hour or so later after a great sermon on the prodigal son we went to the nursery to find Gage being carried around by one of the four people working there.  And he wasn’t crying 🙂

So, mission accomplished.  Next up is trying the day care our community center provides so that I can start to lose some of this baby weight.

Oh, and how many pictures does it take to finally get one that shows his two new bottom teeth without him sticking out his tongue or closing his mouth?  19.