Sundays with Gage – His first country club

This past year I spent my 6th year on the New Clevelander’s Club board, having a number of positions ranging from president to newsletter editor.  When I accepted the parliamentarian position last May, Gage was just along for the ride, but once he arrived in October he was running the show so we missed a lot during those next few months.  In January we started going to the monthly beard meetings.  He slept through that first one and we had to leave the last one early because he was disgruntled, but he liked seeing all of the smiling ladies.  So, at the changing of the guard this week Gage got all dressed up and went to his first country club, appropriately named, The Country Club (for some reason that always makes me laugh).  He left the house with socks and shoes but by the time we arrived at the club he was missing a shoe and a sock, so he went in barefoot and I appreciate the club not kicking him out since he had no shoes 🙂  That picture is us with the new president, Natalie.

Needless to say we did not make it through the whole thing, but he did make it about an hour and fifteen minutes, which I thought was pretty good for him.  Next time I’ll have to see if I can get him on the golf course!