Monday Movie Meme – Kate the Great

Feature Presentation…MONDAY MOVIE MEME
This week’s movie topic is all about Katharine Hepburn…We spent this past Mother’s Day weekend visiting my family in Connecticut. After
a lovely breakfast we ventured over to my brother and sister-in-law’s new place
in Old Saybrook, with the ocean a short walk at the end of their street. A
beautiful town on the Connecticut Shore, its most famous resident was none other than the impressive Katharine Hepburn. She and her family lived there throughout her life and it is where she died. A new theatre was dedicated to her memory and bears her name there. So what other possible topic could there be for this week other than the winningest Best Actress herself? Here is our favorite Hepburn film. Share on your blog your favorite moments, memories or films featuring Katharine, linking back here so that others can find you.
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It is no secret that I love Katherine Hepburn.  I was really surprised as I prepared to write this post to see that she had been in 51 movies (including tv movies) and I have only seen 10.  How can I call myself a fan if I’ve seen so few of her movies?  Well, I am going to remedy that, so expect to see more of Katherine in my 5 word movie reviews!
Kate is always smart and commanding and it was surprising to see that she was only 5’7 1/2″.  Her onscreen presence, and maybe her thinness, made her appear taller. Here are the 10 movies of hers that I’ve seen in the order that I love them.
1. The Philadelphia Story (1940) is my favorite movie ever not just because Katherine is in it.  Love her chemistry with both Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart. Here’s my post raving about the movie.
2. The African Queen (1951) is another favorite of mine.  Kate plays a missionary and Humphrey Bogart a drunken boat captain in this WWI trip on the water.
3. Desk Set (1957) is probably an odd choice for third, but I did just see it and loved that she was a librarian named Bunny.  Seriously, have you ever met a librarian named Bunny?  It was one of her pairings with longtime love Spencer Tracy.
4. Bringing Up Baby ( 1938) is a zany comedy with Cary Grant .  This is also on my favorite list.
5. State of the Union (1948).  Another pairing with Spencer Tracy.  I am intrigued by politics and it is amazing as you watch this to realize how little it has changed over the years.  (Well, until the last few years where I think social media has made it uglier than usual, but that’s another post)
6. The Lion in Winter (1968) is one that I’ve seen just recently and I loved it.  She starred with Peter O’Toole (Anthony Hopkins was her son) and this is one crazy family.  I want to see it again already.
7. Summertime (1955) is one I could watch again and again because it shows the beauty of Venice.  One of these days I’ll convince Jason we need to go back.  She looked beautiful in this one.
8. Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner (1967).  She and Spencer Tracy play the parents of a daughter who brings home her black boyfriend (Sidney Poitier).  I liked it but it was a little too talky for me to love, but this is one of her best known movies.
9. Sylvia Scarlett (1935).  Katherine disguises herself as Sylvester in this fun movie.  It’s been years since I’ve seen it, but I remember thinking Kate was great.  It also stars Cary Grant so you can’t go wrong there.
10. Love Affair (1994) was one of her last films and a remake of two old movies (Love Affair and An Affair to Remember).  Kate as Aunt Ginny was the only part I really liked of this movie.
So, what’s your favorite Katherine Hepburn movie?
Three of these movies are on my 5 Word Movie Review list and you can contribute to charity just by adding your two cents 🙂  Post here.