Sundays with Gage – Happy Spitter?

Gage has Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD).  It’s relatively common, up to 35% of infants have some degree in the first three months.  Gage was only diagnosed after his scary stay in the ICU and is now on medication.  This week we’ve been to our pediatrician twice and the GI doctor once because his spit-ups/vomiting became worse after we started him on vegetables last weekend.  The doctors have assured me that he is fine and this excessive spitting up shall pass.  Someday.  Until then they only want Gage to be a “happy spitter”.  Do you think he looks like a happy spitter?

GERD is not fun and most pediatricians are reluctant to diagnose it in infants because it is mistaken for colic and/or it passes on its own after a few months.  After Gage’s non-diagnosis in February our pediatrician thinks that GERD may have been a contributing factor, although not the sole reason.  I will take as much spitting up as necessary as long as Gage eventually grows out of it and we don’t have any more scares like the one we had.

I’m hoping next week to have a report on his first teeth (I feel two poking through).