Favorite Sports Movie Results

Last week’s quiz (here) was all about the best sports movies.  My husband did have to break 3 ties (The Karate Kid and Field of Dreams, Bull Durham and Hoosiers, The Husler and Miracle) After my scientific poll of 19 people (myself included) these are the results…

#16 The Mighty Ducks

#15 Caddyshack

#14 Miracle

#13 The Hustler

#12 Brian’s Song

#11 The Natural

#10 Bull Durham

#9 Hoosiers

#8 Million Dollar Baby

#7 A League of Their Own

#6 Rudy

#5 Jerry Maguire

#4 Field of Dreams

#3 The Karate Kid

#2 Rocky

and the top sports movie is

#1 Remember the Titans

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