2011 Round 1 Quiz Results – Closest Ever!

Only 2.5 points separated the top two scorers this round of quizzes with Nise (Under the Boardwalk) pulling out her third win.  Hannah (Word Lily) came in second and while Nise gets bragging rights, both ladies will receive gift cards to either Barnes & Noble or Babies R Us.  Nise gets $30 and Hannah $15 🙂  Congratulations, ladies!

Here’s the rest of the Leaderboard.  Now on to the randomly chosen winner.  Here are some action shots from the process…

So, while he thought many of you were tasty, the wonderful Beth Hoffman is the winner!  Gage will be sending her a special gift just from him.  And this proves that you only have to play once to win a prize!

I want to thank everyone for playing along with me every week.  The next round will start next week and I hope the quizzes will only get better and that you’ll continue to join me every week.  You guys make it fun 🙂