Sundays With Gage- A House Divided or Double the Fun?

It’s not secret we are college sports nuts here.  I love my Ohio State Buckeyes and Jason loves his Michigan State Spartans, but where does that leave Gage?  My Buckeyes are poised to be the #1 team in the NCAA tournament, WooHoo!  And with a win over Purdue, the Spartans have also solidified their place in March Madness for the 14th year in a row.  So Gage is choosing to double his fun and make both of his parents happy…

I don’t think I’m wrong when I say he looks happier as a Buckeye! 

We’ve watched a lot (too much) basketball here this weekend as both of our teams went far in the Big 10 Tournament, but that will only get worse over the next few weeks.

Every year since we’ve known each other Jason and I have had a March Madness bracket wager.  The winner gets to choose the next 5 movies we see at the theater.  We have been to the movies twice in the 4  1/2 months since Gage arrived, so the winner will have to find a sitter for movie night too! 

So, will you be watching the tournament and filling out your brackets?  Who will you be rooting for?