Hush, by Kate White

Hush by Kate White: Book CoverFinished 2-25-11, rating 4/5, mystery, 341 pages, pub. 2010

She had to get out.  She realized that the hum of the motor must be from the freezer she’d seen earlier, which meant the power was back on.  She twisted her head back and forth and commanded the rest of her body to move.  Her legs still felt leaden, like metal drums filled to the brim, but she was able to move one of her arms-the right one.  She flexed her right hand slowly open and closed.

Then there was another noise-from far above this time.  Footsteps.  And next a door opening.  Terror flooded her body, like a warm liquid oozing through her.

The killer was coming to get her


Lake is waist deep in a nasty custody battle for her kids who are away at camp for the summer when she decides to have a little fun for the first time since her divorce and have a one night stand.  The only problem is that while Lake dozed on his terrace someone came into the apartment and murdered him.  Since he was a doctor at the fertility clinic she was working at the police asked a lot of questions.  And this was before the late night phone calls and her suspicions about the fertility clinic came up.

This was fast paced and had so many angles that is was a fun thrill ride for me.  There was more than one crime Lake was in the middle of with suspects to spare.  I will say the one part that was hard for me to read was when Smokey the cat was targeted.  It was very upsetting for me and for Lake!  Lake was a good character and I liked her, but the other characters could have been more fully flushed out. 

This was a great book if you want a fast and entertaining read, especially one that brings New York City to life.  The allegations involving the fertility clinic are timely and scary.  If you are currently involved with fertility clinics you may want to skip this one for now. 

I love Kate White’s Bailey Weggins series and this was a great first stand alone thriller.  She really captures living and working in NYC as well as anyone.  The end did feel a bit rushed, but I thoroughly enjoyed the book.

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