State of Ohio Quiz – Guessing Closed

To further my obsession with the #1 ranked Buckeyes this quiz is all about Ohio fiction authors.  See how well you know the authors of my state.  This is the last week of Round 1 (looks like there are 3 people in the running for the top spot) so make your guesses even if you haven’t participated yet and you’ll be eligible to win a prize.  I’ll have Gage randomly select a second winner on Sunday 🙂  You have until noon on Friday to submit your answers.  Each question worth 10 points.

A few rules…No cheating.  No looking at other commenter answers.  Yes, we’re going by the honor system…Your first answers will be the only ones accepted…Have fun!  This round for every participant I have (currently at $32I will put in a $ for a B&N gift card or a Babies R Us gift card for the winner. Even if you play only once you are eligible to win the second prize (something special I pick out) and you will be adding money to the kitty for the winner.  

Last week’s quiz and point tally here.  The results of last week’s quiz here.  Current Leaderboard here.

1. This Nobel and Pulitzer Prize winning African-American author was born right here in northeast Ohio.  One of her most famous novels was set in Ohio after the Civil War.  Toni Morrison

2. This Ohio-born author also received her MFA in Fiction from OSU.  Many of her light women’s fiction novels are set in small towns in Ohio, her latest has a red cover with a plush red chair and is set in southern Ohio.  Jennifer Crusie

3. This bestselling women’s fiction author spent 12 years in Cleveland and her Ministry is Murder series is set in Ohio.  Emilie Richards

4. This Ohio born author was most famous for his novel set in Winesburg.  Sherwood Anderson

5. Quite a few times I’ve written about this Cleveland transplant, who writes a great mystery series set in Cleveland, even reviewing one of his books earlier this year.  Feel free to browse on my blog to find his name.  Les Roberts

6. This OSU alumni and former English professor is now a successful author who writes historicals (Elizabeth I series), suspense (Maple Creek Amish series) and romances.   Karen Harper

7. The author of the Kent Family Chronicles and the North and South trilogy earned his MA in American Literature from Ohio State.  John Jakes

8. The author of the Goosebumps series earned his degree from Ohio State in 1965.  RL Stine

9. This author was born in Cleveland Heights and still lives there today.  Her book, Some Things That Stay, won awards for debut fiction and she has gone on to write three more.  Sarah Willis

10. This stand-up comedian, turned actor is well known for his manic personality and his all black wardrobe.  He also wrote a book about his battle with alcoholism.  He’s a 1969 OSU grad.  Richard Lewis

BONUS- This Cleveland born/OSU grad actress is also the daughter of a well known Cleveland Plain Dealer writer.  She currently stars on the funny sitcom The Middle.  Patricia Heaton