Monday Movie Meme – the Oscars

Feature Presentation…MONDAY MOVIE MEME (for other Oscar posts check out the Bumbles)
This week’s movie topic is all about Oscar…Share on your blog your thoughts about Oscar
I love the Oscars (and the Golden Globes).  I love watching the beautiful Hollywood people arrive in their Sunday best the most.  It’s a girl thing.  Last night there were a few offbeat dresses that I loved.Fashion at the Oscars: Jennifer Lopez in Giorgio Armani Prive & Sarah Jessia Parker in Chanel Haute Couture
I also love the acceptance speeches. Last night Sandra Bullock and Jeff Bridges gave moving tributes to their parents.  Then there was this uncomfortable moment.   I love the spontaneity of the moment and I appreciated that there was no speech reading last night.
I sometimes get excited about the hosts and last night Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin did not disappoint.  I thought they were fun.  Of course, Steve Martin makes me smile most of the time.
I thought last night’s show was the best I’d seen in a while.  I liked the way they honored the Best Actor/Actress nominees right from the opening of the show and I loved the John Hughes tribute.
I don’t always think the winners are the most deserving.  When I posted my 5 picks for movies that everyone loved and I hated, 3 of them were Best Picture winners.  And I don’t think they always give the Oscar to the best actor or actress either.  Sometimes, if a respected actor or actress has been doing good work for a while, they will get the Oscar even if they were not the best that year.  And no I’m not naming names!
So what about you?  How do you feel about the Oscars?  Did you have a favorite dress from last night? 

Deadly Promise, by Brenda Joyce

Deadly Promise by Brenda Joyce: Book CoverFinished 2-28-10, rating 4/5, Romance, pub. 2003

Book 6 in the Deadly series (Book 1) (Book 2) (Book 3) (Book 4) (Book 5)

“You have made this so very complicated by wishing to marry me.  A part of me wishes we could go back to the way things were a month ago!”

“A month ago Rick’s wife hadn’t returned and you were denying all the passion you feel for me.  Poor Francesca.”  He was only half-mocking.  “Torn between tawdry lust and true love.”

She trembled.  “That isn’t fair,” she tried.

“Life is rarely fair.  And do you deny it is Rick that you love?  Do you?  I am the man you merely wish to bed.”  He stared, waiting for her response, his eyes as hard as obsidian.

Chapter 1

It’s 1902 in New York City and Francesca is back from a month out of town when she went off by herself to contemplate her romantic predicament.  She is in love with Rick, an unhappily married man, but his half-brother Calder is her best friend and she accepted his marriage proposal.  But can she go through with a wedding when she loves another man?

There are young, beautiful girls being kidnapped from the streets and sold to brothels and Francesca is determined to find these girls alive.  Only this time Calder insists on accompanying her and causing more tension with Rick.  This book is more about the heat between Calder and Francesca and it was hot!  Calder is one of those bad boys that girls think they can tame, only Francesca doesn’t want to and he doesn’t want to stifle her ambitions either.  I love them together.

I know you are wondering when this series will end and you only have two more Sundays to read about Francesca’s exploits.  I encourage all you romance lovers to give this series a try.

 This book is from my personal library.

Free Books for March

Leave a comment, tell me which book or puzzle you want and I’ll get it to you for FREE either by mail or personally if I’ll see you soon.  The first one to request each book or puzzle wins.  Once you’ve ‘won’ I can get your shipping address if I need it.  Also, you can come back and get a free book every month if you want.  These have all been read a few times.

1. Soft Landing Hoyle Jigsaw Puzzle.  1020 pieces.  Measures 18″ x 26″.  I bought this at a yard sale and it had been done once or twice before, but the pieces are all there and it’s a fun puzzle.  for Dawn

2. Storm Rider by Cassie Edwards.  Romance.  340 pages.  Pub. 2002.  Review here.  for Linda H.

3. A Night to Remember by Walter Lord.  First person account of the sinking of the Titanic.  If you watched the movie and want a different perspective, try this.  209 pages.  Pub. 1955.  Review here.  for sheere

4. The Carriage House by Carla Neggers.  Romantic Suspense.  376 pages.  Review here.  for Veens

Walking San Francisco

We arrived home this morning at about 1 am after almost a week in San Francisco.  First, I have to mention our flights out and back.  Last Saturday morning we’re in the plane on the runway for takeoff and the pilot drives back to where we boarded and tells us that on the way to the runway he accidentally drove through a snow pile and just wants to make sure everything is okay.  And then 10 minutes later comes back and tells us he’s completely ruined the engine and they’ll have to find us another plane.  Seriously, shouldn’t a 737 be able to handle a little snow?  We switched planes and it was all good.  Then on the way back we were in the plane and a light came on, didn’t come on, whatever, and we had to get off the plane and wait.  And wait.  Four hours later we were good to go.  During that time we were able to meet a wonderful family Noel and Maura and their two kids Will and Ellie.  They made the wait easier to take.  So my advice?  If you need to get someplace on time don’t fly with us!

We stayed at The Palace downtown…

Jason’s conference was being held here and it is beautiful hotel.  Our taxi driver from the airport told us that we came just in time for the Chinese New Year parade that evening.  This is second only to the one in China (so the local news told us) and lasted a long time.  I can’t remember the last time I saw a parade…

We took the required trip to Alcatraz and learned so much about it’s history.  I didn’t know (or remember) that it had only been in use as a prison for 30 years. 

The ferry ride there was only 10 minutes and provided some lovely views of the city.

I had my fish ‘n chips at Fisherman’s Wharf, hiked up the hill to Coit Tower, overworked my short legs through the hills od Nob Hill & Russian Hill, saw the famous painted houses and spent quite a bit of time in Chinatown.  I went to the Fortune Cookie Factory where I saw the women making the fortune cookies and had some fresh off the line.  I love fortune cookies so I brought a big bag home.

I spent Monday at Golden Gate Park and my favorite place on this trip was there.  I loved the  Japanese Tea Garden.  It is peaceful and beautiful and I could have spent all day there with my camera and book.

There was a wonderful tea house near the entrance where I stopped on my way out for a nice cup of jasmine tea.

So, there you have it.  A wonderful week in beautiful San Francisco.  I was unconnected all week long.  Not one email or blog or website.  I’m feeling refreshed.  Even if I am looking outside my window at huge mounds of snow.

War, Peace, and Loss

So, Max wasn’t as thrilled with the reading this week.  There was some war and a duel, but he had issues when a  mom died before she got to know her child.  See  Max doesn’t even know if his mom is still alive or where she is.  He thought the story was good, but that it needed more battles.  Of course, Max is a boy so that is to be expected.

Molly and I read the first two parts of Volume II.  We’re a little slow this week because Molly lost her grandmother and I refused to take this huge thing on vacation.  But, even though it was only 120 pages a lot happened.  I’m just going to cover my four people and you can check out Molly’s post as she covers the rest of the story with her four peeps.

Prince Andrei – Andrei was presumed dead, but did finally return home just in time for his wife’s labor.  She dies while giving birth to a son and that on top of his dislike of the army lead him on a downward spiral that isn’t completely evident until his friend Pierre comes to visit.  Andrei is depressed and he and Pierre argued purpose and philosophy until we see a glimmer at the end that maybe Andrei is not completely lost, “The meeting with Pierre marked an epoch for Prince Andrei, from which began what, while outwardly the same, was in his inner world a new life.”  He took a job working with his father in the Russian militia. What he lost – a wife and position in the army

Vaska Denisov – I wouldn’t call Denisov a major player, he’s more of a good friend to the big guys.  He travels home with Nikolai and while there he falls for 15-year-old Natasha and asks her to marry him.  She says no and so he leaves.  We next see him when he and Rostov are back on the battlefield and I loved this quote from the book, “(Denisov) lived in luxury, because the soldiers of his squadron loved him.”  And because he also loved them he does something heroic, gets himself court marshalled and then shot in the leg.  We leave him in the hospital where he has become obsessed with his case. What he lost – Good will of superiors and good health

Princess Maria – She is relieved when Andrei returns home because she had never quite given up hope.  She becomes a mother of sorts to the baby when Liza dies and she also fills her days helping spiritual wanderers as much as she can.  She is concerned about Andrei and begs Pierre to make him travel, but Pierre leaves Andrei home.  Because her father is now working for the Russian militia she is able to have more freedom.  What she lost – A beloved sister-in-law

Natasha – Only 15 and she seems to be a bit of a boy-crazy flirt.  She enjoys the attention of Denisov, but had no thoughts of accepting his marriage proposal.  What she lost – A potential husband

I’ve enjoyed this week’s reading more than the first two and it was action packed.  Head on over to Molly’s and see what trouble Pierre and Nikolai have gotten themselves into.