Sundays with Gage – postcards, paper and paints

IMG_2023Gage received his first train postcard addressed especially to him and it traveled all the way from California.  We’d like to thank our blogger friends Wendy and Mouse who took the time to mail it.  You guys rock! I told him it came from California and when Jason came home later Gage told him it cam from Africa, ha! And in a similar vein if any of you would like to bring a smile like this to my son’s face and add to his train postcard collection we would greatly appreciate it 🙂 Good luck finding a train postcard!

What do you do with a hyper 4-year-old who was off school for 6 days?  This!


You roll some paper down the longest part of your hardwood floor and go crazy!  Each part of ‘my project’ as Gage like’s to call it, took only 5-10 minutes.  We did paints, tracing, tape, coloring, patterns, stickers and whatever else tickled our fancy at the moment.  After the looong weekend I rolled it up and put it away and since then he asks every day to get it back out to work on it some more.  It was a win win and all it required was rolling out a red carpet of white paper.


A few tips if you want to try this at home.  Clean you floor thoroughly beforehand and then be prepared to just close your eyes to whatever you might find down there over the course of the next few days.  You will spend more time on the hard floor than you’d like so be prepared.  And, of course, make the kid do most of the work 🙂