Sundays with Gage – Hands on Museums

It’s hard to find museums that are hands on enough to keep Gage occupied.  I’m always on the lookout so if you know of one let me know!  After Christma we went to Michigan to see Jason’s family we visited the city where Jason was born which just happens to be home to the Henry Ford Museum, the perfect place for little boys.  Not only are there cars and planes and trains in all of their massive glory but there was also an area where kids could make their own vehicles and race them against each other.  The highlight of the museum and where Gage spent the most time was the model train area.  He was in heaven.  They have a village outside and maybe we’ll try that on our next warm weather trip.

This museum gets an A+ from us because it kept Gage entertained for hours.  Has anyone else been there?



One with his grandpa and the model trains…

IMG_1765[1]and my favorite with Gage and his dad and grandpaIMG_1752[1]