M is for Mailing taxes

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001Is anyone, like us, still mailing their taxes?  A decade ago, when I had my own Mary Kay business Jason, our household tax man, decided he didn’t want to mess with more complicated paperwork, so I found a CPA who was familiar with the Mary Kay business and we turned over our finances to him.  Once a year he comes to our house to meet with us and collect all the necessary paperwork, he brings it back when he’s done, and, the best part, he only charges $95.  Sounds too good to be true right?  The downside is some years, like this one, I’m pulling my hair out because it’s the 14th and he isn’t returning my calls or emails.  He’s always come through in the end, but last night’s 7:30 pm tax delivery was late even for him.

So, this morning I made the trip to the post office with the other silly folk just mailing their taxes today and waited for about 20 minutes to send them (along with a big chunk of change) off into abyss.  So, what about you?  Still mailing it old school on the last day like us?  Does your tax guy give you gray hairs too?  Did you pause before writing your check to think of all of the wonderfully bookish things you could do with your tax money or are you lucky enough to get money back to spend on bookish pursuits?

10 thoughts on “M is for Mailing taxes

  1. Michelle says:

    As an honest-to-goodness accountant, but not a tax accountant, I do our taxes, even when I had my Mary Kay business. I don’t mail them though. I’ll gladly pay the fees for e-filing though since I don’t have to make copies of any of the paperwork and don’t have to stand in line at the post office.

  2. Leslie says:

    You had to ask! lol I’m the tax person in my house. As a currently unemployed property tax consultant (who is looking for a job) I’d have a difficult time justifying hiring a tax person. So… one would think I’d have had them done weeks ago. Nope. I was missing a few documents for a family member’s return and ended up finishing them this weekend and standing in the long line with the rest of the last minute filers this morning.

    And while I’m here complaining… my post office only had ONE window open. ONE. They didn’t know it was April 15th? And then they wonder why people say nasty things about the postal service. Sheesh. For the record, I like my mail carrier and the folks at the local office are nice … but someone didn’t plan well today. /rant. 🙂

  3. barbaravb says:

    You have to pay to submit your taxes ellectronically? Here in Spain the Tax Office sends you a code to your phone which allows you to see your draft online, made by them. If you accept it everything is automatically done. Or you can change it if there’s something wrong and then submit it, and in that case it will take a little bit longer since thay have to review it.
    I accepted my draft last week and today I already had my tax refunds in my bank account 😀

  4. Literary Feline says:

    If we are getting a refund (which we did this year), our taxes are filed in February. If we owe, we wait until the last minute. We file electronically.

  5. hmsgofita says:

    Ours are pretty straight forward. But we had to blow our taxes on a new computer since ours just bit the dust…:( no bookish things for me this year, unfortunately. I hope your tax guy is OK and gets back to you! Yikes!

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