Z is for Z Quiz

Blogging from A-Z

It’s the end of the month and we’re finally at Z.  Needless to say, I’m glad to see this month of every day blogging done.  For today’s quiz it’s all about the Z.  Good luck.

 I hope that you’ll try your hand at my (mostly) bookish quizzes every week, but it’s okay if you just want to play when the quiz interests you.  If you play you are eligible for a prize at the end of the round (sometime in June).  For all of the details, click here.  Submit your answers in the comment section – I will stop by and hide them throughout the week but try not to copy off anyone else :)   You have til Sunday to guess.

No need to know all the answers, one guess and you’ll be eligible for a prize.  No Googling:)

1. This Timothy writes sci-fi novels, notably in the Star Wars series.  What’s his last name?  (I’ll give you and hint-it starts with Z) Timothy Zahn

2. This Aussie’s most popular book is about a Thief.  Marcus Zusak

3. Zadie Smith(from Goodreads profile)  Zadie Smith

4.Carlos Ruiz Zafón(from Goodreads profile)  Carlos Ruiz Zafon

5. This Frenchman died in 1902. (signature from Wikipedia)  Emile Zola

6. This Cleveland native won numerous Nebula and Hugo awards.  Best known for the Chronicles of Amber series.  Roger Zelazny

7. I loved his book about the Pigman!  Paul Zindel

Can you unscramble these author names (the z’s might not be at the beginning)

8. GME ZTERWOLI  Meg Wolitzer

9. SHOJ ZALEBL  Josh Bazell

10. DANE ZOOTNK  Dean Koontz

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