M is for Mailing taxes

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001Is anyone, like us, still mailing their taxes?  A decade ago, when I had my own Mary Kay business Jason, our household tax man, decided he didn’t want to mess with more complicated paperwork, so I found a CPA who was familiar with the Mary Kay business and we turned over our finances to him.  Once a year he comes to our house to meet with us and collect all the necessary paperwork, he brings it back when he’s done, and, the best part, he only charges $95.  Sounds too good to be true right?  The downside is some years, like this one, I’m pulling my hair out because it’s the 14th and he isn’t returning my calls or emails.  He’s always come through in the end, but last night’s 7:30 pm tax delivery was late even for him.

So, this morning I made the trip to the post office with the other silly folk just mailing their taxes today and waited for about 20 minutes to send them (along with a big chunk of change) off into abyss.  So, what about you?  Still mailing it old school on the last day like us?  Does your tax guy give you gray hairs too?  Did you pause before writing your check to think of all of the wonderfully bookish things you could do with your tax money or are you lucky enough to get money back to spend on bookish pursuits?