S is for Sold on You by Sophia Knightly

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Sold on YouSold on You. Finished on 4-5-13, rating 3/5, romance, pub 2012

Straight-laced social worker Gabriella agreed to let herself be auctioned off for a fundraiser that would benefit her home for teen mothers and their babies.  Who knew that underneath those oversized clothes there was a rockin’ body that would make men, especially Dr. Marcus Calderon, see her in a new, white-hot light?  He paid a hefty price, but he also needed to convince her to be his fiance when his grandmother came to town that weekend.  He needed a conservative Latina impress the grandmother he so loved.  What he didn’t expect was that prickly Gabriella would hit it off with his abuela and that suddenly being engaged didn’t feel so bad.

An easy, breezy novella with a pretty good story and likeable characters (except when they weren’t supposed to be).  A few times I rolled my eyes at the clichés (a serious, conservative dresser has a world-class collection of sexy lingerie?  How shocking) but overall I thought it was a fun, light read.  I liked that Marcus loved his grandmother so much and she was a hoot.  And who doesn’t love the idea of a decent woman, working hard to make the world a better place, finding her sexy doc and living happily ever after?

I picked  this one up on my Nook.