So, how many unread books do I have?

I let you guys see my unread book wall and asked you to guess how many books you thought were in the stacks (here). Answers ranged from 350 to 1000!  As I cleaned everything up I realized that 3 books were missing from the stacks, but I can’t count them since they’re not in the picture.  Here’s the picture again…

You are looking at 769 books!  Many of you came close, but the one who was closest was Jen (Wander One Day) with her guess of 775.  She was only 6 off!  That is impressive.  Also impressive was the runner-up who was only 8 off and that was Kay (formerly of Purple Sage and Scorpions) with her guess of 761.  Jen will get to choose a book for herself from my stacks 🙂

Thank you all for humoring my yearly obsession.  One day I’ll get all of these read and they’ll move into my permanent library. Or if  I hate them I may offer them to you!

Oh, and since I took this shot a few weeks ago 4 new books have found their way into my house 🙂