G is for Gage Going Gluten-free

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Gage has always had tummy problems.  We know he’s allergic to milk and we know he outgrew his peanut allergy (he still will not eat peanuts or peanut butter!), but he does still have tummy issues.  So for the last two months he has been gluten-free.  I was worried that we might not find enough that he was willing to eat.  Seriously, when you take away dairy and wheat, your options are limited.  Add in a 2 year-old pickiness and it is a recipe for disaster.  We have found things he will eat, but he has a fairly limited menu.  He eats soy cheese, soy yogurt, and soy milk, gluten-free bread, fries, vegetable soup, corn pasta, mama’s homemade pizzas, chicken apple sausage and most fruits.  Oh, and cookies and raisins.  There are even two gluten/milk free cereals he will eat.

His stomach issues have maybe gotten a little better, but his language has improved so much.  He is still too young to tell us if his stomach feels better so we have to go on his behavior and that has improved.  So, much to my disappointment we have decided to keep him on it for a while longer and see.  It can take up to a year for your body to heal itself from a gluten intolerance.  Why am I disappointed?  It is a pain to go gluten and dairy free.  It is expensive and very difficult to eat out (with a 2-year-old who only wants fries and chicken).  I make a few things myself, but the more complicated the recipe, the less likely he is to eat it.

Do you have any gluten-free tips, recipes or restaurants for me?  I’m open to suggestions since we are in this for a while longer.  And since I like any excuse to post a photo of  Gage, here he is with his grandparents.  This weekend he was doted on while Jason and I snuck away for the night.  It was Jason’s birthday and we went to a mystery dinner at a haunted manor so I’ll also include a photo of that.

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