B is for Book Problem, Year 6 QUIZ

Before I started blogging I had spent 5 years working for Barnes & Noble so I was no stranger to books (and book discounts!).  I had a sizeable library and was happy with my reading to book ratio.  Then I started blogging and all tomes broke loose!  Every year in May I would stack up my unread books in one place and take and inventory of sorts.  Here’s my picture from that first year in 2008…

At the time I didn’t even do a count.

New motherhood being what it was I skipped last year’s wall building.  But then I felt like my books have slowly been taking over every room in the house so I decided it was time to rebuild the wall.  I always rebuild the same way every year so I can find all of the books. (yes, this is silly, but I sometimes get a little OCD about my books).  Two years ago my stacks looked like this

A little bigger at 604.  So, in a marathon of book balancing done while my little one was sleeping I rebuilt the wall minus the 20 some books I read and the 20 odd books I gave away…

Janet 088

And then added in the books I’ve acquired in the last two years.  Needless to say, I got a great workout hauling all these books around the house, but worry about next year’s wall of books if I don’t start reading more!

Janet 090

Okay, now for the QUIZ -Open to anyone- Guess the number of unread books I have in my house by looking at this last picture.  The person who comes closest by Sunday will help me out by choosing one book from the picture as a gift.  (I did at least give you a few numbers from two years ago :))

For all my regulars – I will be awarding points based on how close you get to the real number.

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