The Great Escape by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

The Great EscapeFinished 8-8-12, rating 3.5/5, romance, 418 pages, pub. 2012

I’m counting this as stop 5 1/2 on my Ohio tour since Susan spent time living in Ohio when she was first married (I think her husband might even be an Ohio State grad) 🙂

Lucy Jorik’s story has been told by Phillips in First Lady and last year’s Call Me Irresistable.  This time around she gets her own book.  What happened when she walked out of her wedding to the perfect man and jumped on the back of a stranger’s motorcycle?  It’s not easy for the daughter of the first woman President of the United States to disappear, but with Panda’s help she manages to do just that.

Lucy was a runaway child forced to take care of her sister in First Lady and a runaway bride in Call Me Irresistable but in this one she was more like a lost child instead of a 31 year-old woman of the world.  There was also a secondary story about redemption that was sweet and even a third story involving being happy with who you are.  All enjoyable, but maybe not all were needed.

Susan Elizabeth Phillips is one of a handful of authors that I buy in hardcover.  I look forward to her wit and sass and characters with hot chemistry.   I liked Lucy, Panda and the surrounding characters on Charity Island, but none of them really had me wanting to read faster.  I did love the ending so that was a saving grace for me.  The story was fine, but I was expecting more because I usually love her books so much.

A nice escape to Michigan’s ‘Charity Island’.  My favorite part was the island iteself.  It reminds me of the island we go to every summer, but ours in in Ohio.

Bought this one for my personal library. And I’ll be buying the next one in hardcover too!  She’s still a go-to author.

6 thoughts on “The Great Escape by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

  1. Brunette LIbrarian says:

    Wit and Sass are pretty spectacular. I read this one and really enjoyed it. I had been looking forward to Lucy’s story for quite a while, so I was so happy to finally get her tale. LOVED Panda but I hated his name 🙂

  2. Care says:

    I’ll have to look for this – I’ve not read anything by her but I have heard of her, I think. Hard to tell with such a name. I had a friend in HS by this name…

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