America, You Sexy B, discussion two

Mandy (The Well-Read Wife) started a book club and I am happy to participate in reading the book America, You Sexy Bitch by Michael Ian Black And Meghan McCain.  Here’s a link to my first discussion post and here’s one to the discussion over at Mandy’s.  I’m going to list all of Mandy’s questions just to give you a sense of the book but I’m only going to answer 5.

The following questions cover pages 32 – 134 of the book:

  1. In the Las Vegas chapter Michael and Meghan tour the Zappos headquarters.Would you like to work there? Why? Why not?
  2. While in Vegas Micheal, Meghan, and co. go on a strip club tour of Vegas. Michael points out that in Vegas exotic dancers actually pay a fee to the clubs where they work for the opportunity to dance at the clubs. What do you think of this system?
  3. What did you think of Michael’s sneak attack lap dance from Phoenix?  Gross.  As was Meghan’s obsession with getting a married man and father of two out of his comfort zone by buying lap dances for him. 
  4. Towards the end of the Vegas chapter Meghan writes: “”would it be necessary for strip clubs to even exist if there were less rampant repression in this country?” Sexual repression in the U.S., thoughts? 
  5. In the Salt Lake City chapter Michael writes the following: “I would prefer that my political leaders practiced their religion however they see fit in private and shut the hell up about it in public.” Agree? Disagree?  I don’t have a problem with politicians talking about their faith, it does speak about the person they are and we all want to know who we’re getting.  I have a huge problem with the way that churches are preaching politics from the pulpit.  Preach your beliefs and let the people figure it out for themselves.  God gave us all free will.  Encouraging congregations to buy chicken sandwiches to ‘vote’ makes me sad.
  6. In the Austin chapter Meghan’s friend Cargill calls himself a philosophical Republican and says that he does not support any of the current Republican candidates. Cargill remarks that he will probably vote for the president in the next election. Michael writes. “Yet he would never call himself a Democrat.” Do you agree with Michael that people are afraid of being labeled a “liberal” or a “Democrat”? Do you think people are also just as afraid of being labeled “conservative”?  I find the way that those on the right side (and Fox News) spit out the word liberal disconcerting.  It’s like it’s a bad word or something. I don’t get it.
  7. Cousin John. Discuss.
  8. In New Orleans, Meghan and Michael argue about health care. Whose side are you on? Meghan? Michael? Neither?  Their ‘argument’ wasn’t really a reasoned discussion.  Meghan stomped off when she couldn’t get Michael to agree with her.  This happened a lot.
  9. Meghan and Michael smoke marijuana during one of their nights out in New Orleans. Meghan even writes that she believes marijuana should be legal. Do you agree? Disagree?
  10. Were you surprised that Meghan, a Republican thinks marijuana should be legalized?  This issue never really seemed like a partisan one to me, so no.
  11. What are your thoughts concerning the section in the New Orleans chapter where Meghan writes about her tour of the Lower Ninth Ward?