Sundays with Gage – Dada in the house

(Hey, look at what dad lets me do!  Is that poison ivy?)

As some of you already know in April we found out that Jason would be out of a job by October 1.  The reality was August 1.  After eight years he was back on the streets with the job seekers.  We weren’t worried (really!).  The company provided a nice severance package and we were looking forward to the family time. This month has been great for us all.

Jason is able to enjoy some free time.  This is great for a guy who’s had some kind of job since he was 14.

I am a much better mother when I have support.  Suddenly it isn’t completely up to me to entertain the little man.  We can split some of the time and share others.  I am better rested, much less stressed, more patient and happier.  I don’t know how single moms do it.  Jason was gone from 7 am-6:15 pm and that was a long day, but to have no live-in support would be very hard.

As much as Gage loves his mom he may love his dad just a bit more.  Daddy loves guy stuff, is way more lenient than mommy, and doesn’t seem to stress out as much.  It has been heartwarming to watch the two of them together.  Gage loves that we are both home.  He likes seeing us both come in and get him in the mornings and after naps.

When people told me they were worried for us I smiled.  We were enjoying every minute!  But good things can only last so long and Jason has a new job he’s really excited about and he’ll go back to work at the end of the month.  (sigh)  We’ve been blessed to have the month and equally blessed that Jason found a job in Cleveland, so we don’t have to move.

I don’t know who will be more sad when Jason goes back to work, me or Gage, but I’m pretty sure that first week back will be an adjustment for both of us!