Movie Talk – Is Meryl Streep as good as the critics tell me she is?

In the last two weeks I’ve watched two of Streep’s latest movies –It’s Complicated (2009) and Hope Springs (2012).  Both are romantic comedies (although I’m using the word comedy in connection to Hope Springs very lightly).  I’ve never considered her a favorite and I’ve never quite understood what all the fuss was about.  Am I in the minority here?

I think my favorite movie of hers is Silkwood. I loved her as Karen, a plant worker bucking the system.  I also liked her in The Devil Wears Prada and It’s Complicated.  I’ve seen some of her classics, like Sophie’s Choice and The Deer Hunter, and they were fine.  She’s also had a few clunkers like She-Devil and Hope Springs (IMO).  Maybe I just haven’t seen her in her best roles.  She’s been nominated for 17 Oscars so maybe longevity is part of her appeal.

So, do you consider Meryl Streep the best actress working today?  What is your favorite Streep movie?