Sundays with Gage – Island time

We’ve spent a week on Kelleys Island with my parents since 2006 (although we did skip the year I was pregnant.  There’s no emergency care there!).  We’ve rented houses, condos and this year since we had to sneak it in before Jason goes back to work, we stayed at the Kelleys Island Venture Resort.

Do you think Gage was happy to see his grandparents for the ferry ride to the island?  I have a dozen pics with him on the ride, all with the happiest of grins.  He loves his grandparents.

We were very impressed with the resort.  This was Gage’s view from the balcony…

We had a great time taking advantage of my parents, who were more than happy to Gage-sit.  Jason and I caught up on sleep, alone-time, and relaxation time.  Gage got to take advantage of his doting grandparents.

We never did meet this other Gage, but next year we’ll have to find him!  This week Gage will be facing his mornings without Daddy.  Prepare for the meltdown post next Sunday 😉