Unclutter Your Life in One Week by Erin Rooney Doland

Unclutter Your Life in One WeekUnclutter Your Life in One Week. Finished 7-31-12, rating 2.5/5, Organization, 237 pages, pub. 2009

Remember, the less you own, the less you have to clean.”  page 164

If only I could remind myself of this every time I pick something up in a store.  In April we learned that Jason would be out of a job by October (in reality that date was last Friday) and my immediate thought went to selling the house if we had to move.  I am a master collector of clutter and knew that I’d need to get rid of much of it before it was possible to put the house on the market.  So, I saw this book at the library and thought it might help me start the process of de-cluttering the house.  If you are hoping to de-clutter in one week based on the title you should probably readjust your time frame.

I liked the first chapter, it was part therapy and part inspiration.  As a clutterer I often think if I could just live a little cleaner/more tidy/more organized I might accomplish more.  What am I letting this clutter keep me from?  Probably some very great things.  Finally, someone who understands!

On the first day I started with Monday morning’s assignment, weeding your wardrobe.  I was able to donate 8 bags of clothes and our master closet is so much nicer to walk into every morning.  I no longer feel the guilt by looking at those too-small-for-me clothes because they aren’t there.  Hooray!  I thought there were excellent suggestions, but it did take me the equivalent of one whole day.  This was supposed to be a morning assignment before you went to work and started de-cluttering there.  And then when you came home you were supposed to come home and create a reception station.  I don’t know about you but I found this a fairly silly expectation.

On Wednesday you were supposed to rid the clutter from your bedroom before you went to work to do the same there before you came home to de-clutter you kitchen AND dining room.  Here’s the thing, if you pick up this book, it’s because you have piles and stacks and random things where they shouldn’t be.  The kitchen is not an evening excercise.  The total unrealistic nature of the book and especially the false advertising of the title (which by the way gives you the weekend off, LOL) in one that was hard to get past.

I appreciated the tips (and therapy) and can recommend checking out the book if you want to work your way through it in your own time frame.  Or maybe you have less clutter and this will work for you, but I still think it would be difficult.  Even if you don’t have a little one to keep track of.  This is a useful book, the low rating is due to the promised fast results.

I checked this book out of our library, which is still our library since we are still here.  No move on the horizon, but our house is better prepared if that changes.