Sundays with Gage – A day at the zoo? yawn

This photo sums up Gage’s first trip to the zoo.  Ehh.  The Cleveland Zoo is free on Mondays so we thought it was a good day to try it.  We had NO IDEA how many families take advantage of this free fun.  It was raining strollers in there.  Gage was fine as long as he was running wild and free, but once we put him in his stroller (for everyone’s safety-the boy is fast) he was not happy.

He did get to visit the petting zoo, but again running wild and free straight for a donkey got him snatched up by mom pretty quick.

So, it may be next year before we try the zoo again.  But, hey, at least it didn’t cost anything 🙂

This zoo had a lot of pink flamingos and they looked like cotton candy on a stick.  I usually like the penguins or bears best, both of which we missed out on this time.

Do you have a favorite animal at the zoo?