What’s Missing Quiz

For this last quiz of the first round of 2012 I want you to tell me what you don’t see.  Tell me the novels that are missing from the library’s shelves by these authors.  Some authors are only missing 1 title, some many more, so you can score more than 100 points 🙂

You have until noon Saturday to submit your answers as a comment.  Comment will be hidden until I post the answers.  No Googling!


Have fun and Good Luck!

Obviously the formatting is off so don’t worry about the numbers-just the names and books missing.











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19 thoughts on “What’s Missing Quiz

  1. hmsgofita says:

    1. Sugar Queen
    2. Emma, Mansfield Park, Lady Susan, Northanger Abbey
    7. Interpreter of Maladies

    The books i knew were already on the shelves for most of these! oh well. Fun quiz again, Stacy!

  2. Kay says:

    Let see what I can remember…

    1. The Sugar Queen
    2. Mansfield Park, Northanger Abbey, Emma
    3. Love Walked In
    4. Oh, another one is the one about the lady with cancer – something Harbor?
    5. Something Blue and more that I can’t think of
    6. ??
    7. ??
    8. The Magician’s Assistant and the one about the girl…Saint something
    9. Her mysteries – Flower Net and two others – Dragon something and something something…and the memoir – has Gold Mountain in the title
    10. Beautiful Lies and several others under her Lisa Miscione (sp) name

    Frustrating…I can see the books on the library shelf, but titles are hidden from my mind’s eye. LOL

  3. Teddyree says:

    Some favourites on my bookshelves here 🙂

    Sarah Addison Allen:
    The Sugar Queen

    Jane Austen:
    Mansfield Park
    Northanger Abbey

    Emily Giffin:
    Something Blue

    Sarah Gruen:
    Riding Lessons

    Lisa See:
    Flower Net
    Dragon Bones
    The Interior

    Lisa Unger:
    Beautiful Lies
    Sliver of Truth

  4. Jennifer Rayment says:

    Crap not gonna do good on this one, ah well its a fun challenge

    1 No idea
    2 Emma, , Mansfield Park, Northanger Abbey
    3 Love Walked In
    4 no idea
    5 Baby Proof, Something Blue,
    6 Riding Lessons
    7 no idea
    8 Taft, Truth&Beauty, The Magician Assistant
    9 No idea
    10 Heartbroken, Beautiful Lies

  5. softdrink says:

    Sarah Addison Allen: The Sugar Queen
    Jane Austen: Northanger Abbey, Emma, Mansfield Park
    Marisa de los Santos: Love Walked In (she also writes poetry, not that I’d know the names of the books,tho)
    Ann Patchett: The Magician’s Assistant
    Jhumpha Lahiri: Interpreter of Maladies
    Lisa See: On Gold Mountain

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