March Wrap Up and a Free Book (Zagat America’s Top Restaurants 2012)

First and foremost – I didn’t win the lottery ūüė¶¬† I bought my first lottery ticket ever and had a really good feeling about it, LOL.¬† But I’m not too upset about it because OHIO STATE IS IN THE FINAL FOUR!¬† For those of you not keeping track, the game is tonight at 8:45 so break out your Go Bucks cheer.¬† If Ohio State beats Kansas I will lose my yearly bet with Jason.¬† If Ohio State loses then my consolation will be that I still have a chance to win.¬† Oh, the irony.

My husband received a book for the holidays and I’m passing it on to one of you because as the parents of a 1 1/2¬† year old we are not eating out at fancy places and we are not traveling.¬† If you would like the brand new copy of Zagat’s America’s Top Restaurants 2012 just leave a comment with your email address on this post¬†and I’ll draw a name at the end of the month.

So, I only read 5 books and am feeling like I’m in a bit of a reading slump right now.¬†They never seem to last long which is a good thing¬†since this is a bookish blog!¬† I’ve also been in a slump as far as accomplishing my goals.¬† I’ll post them only because I want to keep track, but if I were you I’d just skip right over the rest of this paragraph!¬† Daily goals 10,000 steps (19/31), 8 glasses of water (6/31), daily meditations (27/31), a note to Jason (8/22), One line mom diary (31/31). Weekly goals vegetarian (6/8), letter (2/4).¬† I didn’t keep track of my cardio this month.

So, my goal for the month is to get back on track!¬† And I’m adding 2 things – read Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser and to give up drive-thrus for the month. I’ve always eaten fast food but since I’ve been a mother I drive thru somewhere at least once a day.¬† This is often the 5 minutes that I have to eat in relative peace and I need to break the habit.¬† I believe this and lack of sleep are the two biggest things keeping me from losing the baby weight.¬† I need to tape before and after photos on my dash for motivation.

The other thing on my radar this month is World Book Night on April 23.¬† I’ll be passing out 20 copies of The Glass Castle.