Sundays with Gage – Pets, the babies before the baby

Like most expectant moms I heard the warnings of having a cat during pregnancy and even the dangers after the baby was born (my mom shared a story of a cat who smothered a sleeping infant because of the milk on the mouth).  But Jason took over litter patrol during pregnancy (& thankfully kept it on his to do list) and I wasn’t too concerned about Scout or Max.  When we brought Gage home Max steered clear and really wanted nothing to do with him.  He couldn’t understand how that scrawny, needy thing could be more interesting than him.  Scout steered clear too, but mostly because that’s just her way.

When Gage started walking Max did not take kindly to the lurching, unpredictable baby.  Twice he bared his teeth and growled when Gage woke him by touching him near his face.  The first time it happened I cried for a while thinking we would have to find Max a new place to live.  Max is 8 and I was so sad that he couldn’t adjust to Gage.

We’ve been on hyper alert since and the two are never alone together.  I think Max is adjusting, it’s been months since those growls.  He does come up to Gage and gives him ear and head kisses (always properly washed off) and Gage sometimes feeds Max treats when he comes in from outside.  The jury is still out, but things have gotten better and Max has even started sleeping with us (the parents, not Gage) again, for a good while he shunned us.

Scout, who is now 13 1/2, lets Gage catch her occasionally and he loves her for it.

Here are a few pics of what Max has to deal with…

Lots of chasing,

And sharing of toys.










And when he can’t be nice anymore,

he escapes.

Scout’s approach is much calmer.  So, things are going better with the 4 legged kids and the newbie.  I am hoping someday Max and Gage will be buddies.

Oh, in answer to last week’s question, Gage’s next and only new word this week was Bowl.  Now that I’m looking at these photos maybe next week I should post Hair? with Gage.